I'm starting to like rap more than sports

B.G. - Chopper City Is An Army .mp3
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B.G. aka Baby Gangsta started out as one of the New Orleans natives to form Cash Money Millionaires in the late 90's along with Juvenile, Lil Wayne, Turk, Birdman, and Mannie Fresh. Wow, that starting 5 has more talent than the Miami Heat. BG subsequently left the group over money and started putting out his own albums. A relative unknown in the rap world, BG has put out amazing albums and even greater singles. He has easily entered my top 5 all-time rappers, although Juvenile still ranks a spot ahead. Chopper City is an Army is one of the top raps i've ever heard and the first verse is golden. I think it's time B.G. gets his due, before he kills someone or something..


c-note said...

I didn't know you were down with the B.G. playa.