A Reminder Of Just How Good Chipper Jones Is

With Chipper Jones out for the season with a torn ACL and having previously expressed a desire to retire after the 2010 season, Atlanta's mainstay at the hot corner for the last two decades may have played his last major league game. Chipper is a sure-fire first round hall of famer, but I just want to remind everyone of just how good he is. We all know Chipper is great, but I figured I'll share his greatness in visual form. Below (click to enlarge), courtesy of Fangraphs' WAR graphing system, is a WAR graph comparing the careers of third basemen Ron Santo (+79.3 WAR, 8th all time amongst 3B), Paul Moliter (+75.2 WAR, 10th all time amongst 3B), and George Brett (+91.6 WAR, 6th all time amongst 3B) to Chipper Jones (+85.0 WAR, 7th all time amongst 3B):

Beautiful. Just beautiful.