Jose Bautista Likes To Pull His Balls

Jose Bautista is having an all-time unexpected, unexplainable, unrealistic season much like Brady Anderson and his 50 homer campaign. Today Bautista launched his 39th and 40th homers of the season with his identical yank swing out to left field. In fact, of all the highlights i have seen of his homers this year, all of them were pulled to left field. Looking up his Hit Tracker page, Bautista has in fact hit every home run to the left of dead center field. You would think pitchers would just pitch him on the outside corner forcing him to hit the other way, but i don't have 50 years of professional baseball experience like a Lou Piniella for instance. (Too early?)
In fact, only 3 of Bautista's 99 career home runs have gone the other way. That's very Rob Deer of you Jose Bautista