The Bengie Molina All-Stars

Bengie Molina is what we call a unique baseball player. He combines a 20 home run bat with Shawon Dunston's walk rate, Chuck Knoblauch's defense, Mark McGwire's speed, and Big Fat Bartolo Colon's physique. DME and I set forth to put together the so aptly named Bengie Molina All-Star team of current MLBers who meet the this strict criteria:

C: Bengie Molina*
1B: Mike Jacobs
2B: Jose Lopez
SS: Miguel Tejada
3B: Jorge Cantu
RF: Jose Guillen
CF: Vernon Wells
LF: Juan Rivera
DH: Miguel Olivo

*Team Captain


David "MVP" Eckstein said...

oh icant believe i got snubbed for making this w/ u

Steven said...

Juan Rivera? Slander. No he doesn't walk much, but he makes very good contact and has a .331 career OBP. He's not Nick Johnson, but he doesn't deserve the Bengie Molina comparison. Plus, he plays a perfectly fine corner outfield.

How about Garret Anderson? Or Alfonso Soriano?

The 'Bright' One said...

Agreed. I put Garret Anderson on the team, but he didnt "feel" right to DME so we needed to find someone else. Blame him

Cant agree with Soriano though. Way too much power, speed, and even the defense has been good except for last year with the knee injury.

Check out the Adam Dunn All-Stars (horrible defense included)

1B-Russell Branyan
2B-Dan Uggla
SS-Alex Rodriguez
3B-Mark Reynolds
LF-Adam Dunn
CF-Jason Bay
RF-Jack Cust
DH-Jim Thome

David "MVP" Eckstein said...

Well I wanted Jeff Francouer and you said no.

Whatever happened to Wiggy? I thought he was our DH. I'm ok with Olivo though, haha.