A Study Into QB Passing Yards And A #1 Receiver Yards, Part II

To try to analyze how Jay Cutler would do for the Bears, I did a a crude analysis between QB yards and WR yards. I originally wanted to see if Jay Cutler would be able to be good with "sub par" receivers (done at the beginning of the season). But now, I want to see if there is something to a QB's performance and having a good receiver. So let's look at the 2009 season and see how the top QBs did and how their top receiver did:

1) Matt Schaub (4770)- Andre Johnson (1569)
2) Peyton Manning (4500)- Reggie Wayne (1264), Dallas Clark (1106)
3) Tony Romo (4483)- Miles Austin (1320), Jason Witten (1030)
4) Aaron Rodgers (4199)- Greg Jennings (1113), Donald Driver (1061)
5) Tom Brady (4398)- Wes Welker (1348), Randy Moss (1264)
6) Drew Brees (4467)- Marques Colston (1074)
7) Ben Roethlisberger (4328)- Santonio Holmes (1248), Hines Ward (1167)
8) Phillip Rivers (4254)- Vincent Jackson (1167), Antonio Gates (1157)
9) Brett Favre (4202)- Sidney Rice (1312)
10) Eli Manning (4021)- Steve Smith (1163)

Again, this year, as should be no surprise, all top 10 QBs had at least one receiver that went over 1000 yards. Although this year, more than half of the QBs had at least more than one 1000 yard receiver. Although it doesn't surprise me that because of this, all top 10 QBs has over 4000 passing yards. Yet the top QB- only had one WR (although he did have the #1 receiver)

Other notables this year:
11) Kyle Orton- Brandon Marshall
12) Kurt Warner- Larry Fitzgerald, Anquan Boldin
13) Jay Cutler- top receiver only got 757 yards (Hester)
14) Jason Campbell- top receiver only got 902 (Moss)
15) Joe Flacco- Derrick Mason

1000 yard receiver with a "crappy" QB:
- Chad Ochocinco (QB ranked 18th in yards)
-DeSean Jackson (QB ranked 17th in yards)
-Roddy White (QB ranked 22nd in yards)

But a quick back to my original question: how many yards can Jay Cutler get with "sub par" receivers? Well, considering the Bears best receiver barely got over 750, it's pretty impressive what Jay Cutler was able to do (when he threw it to his own team)

Also, it shows that a receiver can get still get yards and be good without a QB, but I think if a QB is to be a top 10 QB, they really need at least one good receiver.


The 'Bright' One said...

well thats pathetic on the bears side. you should also look into the running game of top 10 QBs, cause the main purpose of the run is to set up the pass. Forte couldnt even get 1000 yards this year. God, thats only 63 yards per game