My 2010 NFL Playoff Predictions

Wild Card Round:
(5) New York Jets def. (4) Cincinnati Bengals
(6) Baltimore Ravens def. (3) New England Patriots

(6) Philadelphia Eagles def. (3) Dallas Cowboys
(5) Green Bay Packers def. (4) Arizona Cardinals

Divisional Round:
(1) Indianapolis Colts def. (6) Baltimore Ravens
(2) San Diego Chargers def. (5) New York Jets

(6) Philadelphia Eagles def. (1) New Orleans Saints
(2) Minnesota Vikings def. (5) Green Bay Packers

Championship Round:
(2) San Diego Chargers def. (1) Indianapolis Colts
(2) Minnesota Vikings def. (6) Philadelphia Eagles

Minnesota Vikings def. San Diego Chargers

As much as I hate to see Brett Favre win another ring, I think he will this year

Also, keep in mind that predictions are still worthless. I can not predict the future and I will probably be wrong