Chris Johnson Gets F%*@ed In The A$$

The Tennessee Titan ran for over 2,000 yards in a single season and doesn't even garnish any MVP votes. As much as I would have loved for Johnson to get the MVP and as much as he deserved it, I wouldn't mind it as much if both him and Manning both got a lot of votes- like what the NL ROY votes looked like with Tulo and Ryan Braun. Yes Manning had a great year and I have no problem with the MVP going to him. But for Johnson to not gain A SINGLE VOTE. Really!? What the hell AP, that's some bull right there. If having one of the greatest rushing seasons for ANY running back can't even get you ONE vote, then I guess being Brett Favre is the only other criteria to get votes.

I understand that the Titans missed the playoffs and it was probably more Vince Young than Johnson's doing that the Titans won as many games as they did- but how is the Titans win loss record anywhere close to being Johnson's fault. The Titans did not lose games because of Chris Johnson but he's being punished like he did.