Football Board Bets: Results

So TBO and myself have made some football board bets and I know all of you have been on pins and needles anxiously awaiting the results of who won, so here... wE....GO!

Bet One: Pierre Thomas will be a top 12 RB this year

Like Matthew Berry, I also lost this board as Thomas ended up as the 20th best back this year. Stupid Sean Peyton not giving him enough carries...

Winner: The 'Bright' One

Bet Two: Over/Under 8.5 rushing or receiving TDs for Reggie Bush

Bush made this close getting 8 but like Bush has always done, he gets injured and saves me.

Winner: Sexy Rexy

Bet Three: Better fantasy back this year: Fred Taylor or Ahmad Bradshaw

Taylor only played like three games so he didn't meet the minimum carries so this bet is void

Winner: The New England Patriots

The rest of these bets are from week six on

Bet Four: More receiving TDs: TO vs. Earl Bennett and Johnny Knox

TO ended up with 4, Bennett with 2 and Knox got, drum roll...... TWO. Again, another wash, but really, this says more about TO than it does anything else

Winner: TO's agent

Bet Five: Fewer fantasy points: LT or Brain Westbrook

Not only did Westbrook get concussed soon after this bet but as slow and crappy as LT looked, he got a lot of yards and TDs. Westbrook won 19 to 135.

Winner: Sexy Rexy

Best Six: Big Ben will have a passer rating under 86.0

While this bet was for the entire year, no matter, Big Ben still was actually good for ONCE in his career and actually showed he can pass well without a running game. The one year I make a bet about him is the one year he proves me wrong. Jerk.

Winner: The 'Bright' One

Bet Seven: Hester, Cutler, and Forte vs. Berrian, Orton, and Benson

Former Bears: 264. Current Bears: 282. Fuck.

Winner: The 'Bright' One

And because you can do simple math, the winner of the 2009 football board bets between Sexy Rexy and The 'Bright' One is: THE 'BRIGHT' ONE

TBO gets: na na na na na na's
SR gets: I Told You So