Football: Sexy Rexy In Review

Now that fantasy football is over and the football regular season is winding down, it's time to analyze how we need. The football board bet results will come soon enough, but here's a list of "me me me" of what I got right and what I got wrong:

What I Got Right
- Don't draft Matt Forte: While I thought he would get injured as opposed to just sucking for 16 weeks, I absolutely knew that all the pre-season love for Forte was overhyped and ended up the year being the 18th best RB behind guys like Rashard Mendenhall and Jamaal Charles.
-Liking Chris Johnson: While most people were like me and was a fan of Johnson (although myself, like essentially every other "analyst," did not expect THIS good of a year), TBO was not. Before the season started, TBO thought that fatboy LenDale White would vulture TDs and fantasy points away from Chris Johnson. In fact, TBO was autodrafted Chris Johnson in the GOI fantasy league and traded him away. Meanwhile, i always liked Johnson
-Having A Man Crush On Rashard Mendenhall: I always have big love for former Illini players and Mendenhall was no exception. Mendenhall was the 14th best RB this year an went, on average, in the 9th round.
-Disliking Marion Barber: I did my own Love/Hate for players per round and Barber was being drafted in the 2nd round, so I hated him. Barber ended up being the 20th best RB- barely behind Forte.
-Disliking Run DMC: Similar to Barber although it was obvious that Darren McFadden would not produce for your fantasy team. Ended up being the 3rd best RB on his own team and not even a top 50 RB.
-Waiting on TEs: I'm not sure what to think of me saying "Don't Draft Owen Daniels" because if you didn't you were pissed at me during the beginning of the season and then let out a sigh of relief during the second half, but many TEs that were drafted late did well. While I never publicly said this, I did draft Vernon Davis- who ended up being the 2nd best TE. I did advocate Visanthe Schiancoe though and he was the 7th best TE. Guys in the top ten were: Brent Celek, Kellen Winslow, and Heath Miller.
-Waiting To Draft A QB: Sure, drafting a guy like Brees worked out well for you, but you still could have gotten value later. Guys like Aaron Rodgers (#1 in fantasy, 4th round), Matt Schaub (#5 in fantasy, 6th round), Tony Romo (#7 in fantasy, 3rd round), and Brett Favre (#8 in fantasy, undrafted) were all guys who would have been great value picks for you.
-Liking Derrick Mason: I wrote a post about how Derrick Mason was a great value pick, and I was right. Mason was a guy who you could get in the later rounds of your draft to be a great #2 wide out or a flex play, and if you had him, I'm sure you weren't disappointed. He was the 18th best wide out over guys like Calvin Johnson, Mike Sims Walker, and Anquan Boldin.
-Not drafting a kicker or defense: Look at the kickers and defense that were top ten and where they were drafted. Big disparity.
-Hating Reggie Bush: I've always hated Reggie Bush and he proved me right yet again. Bush was the 39th best RB this year
-Liking Vincent Jackson: To be honest I don't know if I publicly said this but I've always liked Jackson and traded for him in the GOI league because he's always put up good football outsider numbers. Jackson was the 8th best receiver this year.
-Hating On LT: TBO and myself both called LT done and was the 16th best RB this year. Even his late season surge was not enough to justify wasting your first round pick on him. See also Brian Westbrook.
-Braylon Edwards Sucks: When the Jets traded for Braylon Edwards, I said he would suck. Well, 10 games later and Edwards is the 41st best receiver and 2nd best on his own team.

What I Got Wrong
-Loving Brandon Jacobs: Jacobs was the 5th best RB on my board and my first overall pick. I'm not going to rant like I really want to, but needless to say the 26th best RB overall was not worth my first round pick.
-Not Liking Ryan Grant: But can you blame me? After his break out season, he had a somewhat disappointing year last year. He rebounded this year just being consistent and awesome being the 8th best RB this year
-Having A Man Crush On Pierre Thomas: Although when on the field, Thomas has been awesome, unfortunately he has not gotten enough carries to really be worth his draft selection. Plus, I thought he's be a top 12 RB and he alas is only the 15th. Close, but not good enough.
-Hating on Big Ben: Guy was the 9th best QB this year and actually proved me wrong because he's had a career year in attempts and is not sucking. Fucker.
-Greg Olson Would Be A Top 5 TE: It's highly correlated that a top ten QB will have a 1000 yard receiver. I made a bunch of huge assumptions like 1) Cutler would be a top 10 QB and 2) Greg Olson has talent. Olson got a shit ton of targets but he sucks. But I made a bunch of huge leaps so this shouldn't be a huge shock that I was wrong, but whatever.

Can't Blame Me Because Of Injuries
-Anthony Gonzales: I thought he would be good but he got injured during Week One. He probably would have been good seeing how well Austin Collie and Pierre Garcon have done.
-Fred Taylor: Guy was my Elijah Dukes and Taylor did exactly what Elijah Dukes did for my fantasy team- nothing. But Taylor got injured after only a few weeks and probably would have been at least a top 20 RB, but guy got injured in like Week 4 and didn't do anything until Week 17. But with the success of Laurence Maroney this year, again like Gonzales, I think I would have put Taylor in my "I Was Right" Section without injuries.
-Michael Turner: The dude

For A List Of My Preseason Prediction Visit: here, here, or TBO's and my podcast (above) on 7/20/09


The 'Bright' One said...

i said i didnt want johnson not cause he sucked, but because he only ran the ball 18 times a game last year. If i knew he would get 30, i would have ranked him higher. Also, i traded him for Andre Johnson, so it's not like i gave him up for peanuts

Cubsfan4evr said...

I traded TBO Andre Johnson for Chris Johnson. Obviously, he may not make that trade again because Chris Johnson turned out to be the best fantasy player this season. No one could have predicted Johnson being the best player, he had 329 points.

Andre Johnson turned out to be the best Wide Receiver in fantasy football and had 205 points in our league. So this wasn't a bad deal or a lopsided one.

So it wasn't like it was a bad trade at the time, or even now in retrospect at the end of the season. It wasn't the best because Chris Johnson was better than Andre Johnson, but he did get a very good player in return.