Advice for Andre Johnson Owners

I have Johnson in both of my fantasy league and I have been torn on what to do with him this weel. Many "experts" have told me to always start mt studs, so no matter what, Johnson should be in my line up. However, I find this advice to be dumb, because even studs have bad games. In fact, Johnson has been sub par for me in 2 of the three games this year. In fact, one of those games was when Houston played the New York Jets- and Darrell Revis. Revis has shown this year that he is the best or second best cornerback in the game. When he's on a receiver, that receiver will not touch the ball. He's so for shut down my boy Andre Johnson, Pats best receiver Randy Moss, and Titans best receiver Justin Gage (although I'll say that accomplish is not THAT hard to do but still...). Revis has shut down every wide out he's faced.

But let's bring this topic full circle, when I say Revis is top 1 or 2, the other corner I had in mind is Oakland's CB (and apparently a guy that has a made up name) Nnamdi Asomugha. Last year, Asomugha was fantastic, essentially shutting down every receiver he faced. He faced Johnson last year, and shut him down. And this week, being a Johnson owner, I fear he will shut down Johnson again. And if that is the case, why would I start my stud wide out if he's gonna up bad fantasy numbers for me?

So instead of listening to Matthew Berry, I decided to do my own research. I looked up how receivers have done against the Oakland defense in three games. This year Oakland has faced San Diego, Kansas City, and Denver. I first looked to see how each Vincent Jackson, Dwayne Bowe, and Brandon Marshall did in each of those games because these were the best and/or #1 receiver opposing Oakland, respectively. I then decided to see how the best receivers did facing Oakland to see maybe if I should start Houston's #2 receiver, Kevin Walter, instead. Here's the results:

#1 Receiver
Vincent Jackson: 59 yards, 1 TD
Dwayne Bowe: 56 yards, 1 TD
Brandon Marshall: 67 yards, 1 TD

Top Performer (in terms of yards)
San Diego: Vincent Jackson 59 yards (also, excluding TE Gates)
Kansas City: Bobby Wade, 72 yards
Denver: Brandon Marshall 67 yards

In all three games, Oakland's opponent's number one receiver scored at least 11 fantasy points and in two out of the three game, the best receiver in terms of yards was also the teams best receiver.

I would have thought that Nnamdi Asomugha would be all over the opponent's number one wide out like white on rice and thus maybe the team's #2 receiver would be better. However, this has not shown to be the case this year.

Now keep in mind, that past performances mean nothing in predictions like this. Asomugha could be better and guard Johnson. Or, because Johnson is a better receiver than any receiver Oakland has faced this year, that he could go off on another 150 yards, 2 TD game. But either way, I think it's safe to say, Andre Johnson owners should not fear starting him this week.


The 'Bright' One said...

I believe Asomugha is playing with a giant cast on his hand. Maybe that's why he's not his usual shutdown self.

Sexy Rexy said...

I did not know that. Maybe if I watch games or payed attn to Raiders football...

rakeback said...

Andre Johnson is a beast and quite possibly the best wide receiver in the league. I think Schaub is also top tier at quarterback, but really benefits from having such a stud wideout.