Pointing out the stupidity of the phrase "clogging the bases" just isn't funny any more

It's been well accounted in the past, via FJM, this blog, and many other numerous sources that clogging the bases is a stupid phrase made by stupid people. Jed Hoyer, the new GM of the Padres, may be one such stupid person. From MLB.com:

What kind of player does new Padres general manager Jed Hoyer want/value as he moves into his first season?

There's not one type of player Hoyer likes or covets, though he has talked about finding players who fit this ballpark, PETCO Park. After all, the Padres do play 81 games here. That player is an athletic one, has doubles-power, someone who can run ... if it's an outfielder, someone who can go get a ball, someone who won't clog the bases. Granted, you need thumpers in the lineup, but ones who are undeterred by the spacious dimensions of the ballpark.


Cubsfan4evr said...

I can understand wanting to have speedy outfielders, because a ball in the gap that an outfielder can't cut off the hitter can get a extra base or more, but the part on "clogging the basses" doesn't fit. The only person who I can think of off the top of my mind that is really slow and that may “Clog the bases" for them is Adrian Gonzalez. Maybe he is looking for a reason to justify trading the Padres best hitter to their fans? Even though a first basemen that has power by hitting 27 doubles and 40 homeruns in 2009 shouldn’t matter that he is slow. Obviously, you want faster players, but hitters with his production just doesn’t grow on trees, especially for that more than reasonable salary.