The Worst Sports Announcer In The World Competition (ROUND 3)

Happy New Year dear readers and thank you for voting in round 2 of The Worst Sports Announcer In The World Competition. Bracket two was clearly the challenging one this round. All four announcers (Caray, McCarver, Buck and Aikman) are truly awful and two of them (McCarver and Aikman) had to be eliminated. In a big upset, John Madden is out. That's right. Jay Mariotti and Skip Bayless each received more votes and they will move on. Finally, bracket 3 again resulted in a tie and there will be another push. Voters could not decide who was worse, DJ or Santo, but everyone agreed that Hawk Harrelson is terrible. Oddly enough, however, Jay Mariotti (not Joe Morgan or Hawk) received the most votes of anyone in round 2.

The voting now enters round 3, where you can only cast ONE vote per bracket. You can access voting for round 3 by either clicking here (sorry, but voting for round 3 has closed) or by clicking the giant blue link atop the page. At the end of round 3, the person with the most votes will square off against the person with the least votes and the other two remaining announcers will go head to head. Voting will be open until January 10. We at Game Of Inches appreciate your participation and feedback. Cast your vote now!

Here are the voting results for Round 2:


Cubsfan4evr said...

There were some big surprises to me in this round! I am shocked that Chris Berman, Tim McCarver, and John Madden were eliminated. Obviously someone had to, but there are a few people who made it to the next round, that I thought wouldn’t have and these people would have instead. That is why we have the competition, like games are played and not gone by the best team on paper. Lets see what round three brings…………