What Is Fantasyland?

I just realized, the authors of this blog have made several references to Fantasyland and the main fantasy league we're all in is called "Fantasyland 2", but many people probably have no idea what Fantasyland is. Well, Fantasyland is a book written by Sam Walker chronicling his journey into playing in the hardest fantasy league in the country, Tout Wars. Walker was (probably still is) a journalist in the Twin City area who never played fantasy baseball in his life. He decided one year to join Tout Wars- a fantasy league started by baseball expert Ron Shandler in which you join either an AL or NL only draft (although I guess now there's a mixed leagued draft as well), players are determined by an auction, and oh yeah, you have to be IN baseball already just to be determined if you can play or not- and Walker wrote a book about what he had to do to create a winning team and about the history of fantasy baseball.

It's extremely interesting all the work Walker did for his team and it's extremely well-written and very enjoyable. If you're a fan of Moneyball (if you're not get the hell off this site) and love fantasy baseball as much as the blog authors do, I highly suggest reading this book.

So now whenever makes a Fantasyland reference, you now understand it!