ESPN Has Actually Fired Joe Morgan

Probably one of the greatest baseballl websites ever and part of the reason we here at GOI decided to write was because of FJM, Fire Joe Morgan for short. I remember Cubsfan telling me he first went to because he thought it was a petition to get the great second baseman/AWFUL commentator Joe Morgan off of ESPN. Even though FJM hasn't been writing for about two years now, they finally got their wish.

According to a story by ESPN which you can read here, Joe Morgan will no longer be working for ESPN. Here's an excerpt from the article
Morgan's contract is expiring and he will not be renewed
While I have no proof of this, I truly believe this is because of the "Moneyball" movement that has not only taken bloggers and casual fans by storm, but also the baseball community. No longer are "wins" being used to measure Cy Young voters (see Grienke, Zach) and no longer is a team making the playoffs a prerequisite to win an MVP (see Pujols, Machine)

In support for Dustin Pedroia's MVP candidacy, Buster Olney was using "Runs Created" and baseball writers are starting to use OPS and WAR over RBI's and BA to analyze a player's worth.

I think ESPN is wise to this long awaited and long over due change and part of this movement is to get rid of Joe Morgan- who has become the poster child for the old way of thinking.

But that's just my theory. Unfortunately Morgan had to wait for his contract to expire (unlike Steve Phillips who we luckily got rid of because he's a piggy chaser) but he's gone nonetheless.

I wish you all the best on a personal level, but please don't ever analyze baseball ever again.


The One DME Accosted said...

When FJM went dark, I took solace in this line: "We may post once in a while, but it's pretty much over."

As a result, I check the site consistently, full of hope, that I might catch that "once in a while" post.

This earth-shattering event has to qualify for a post. If not, FJM truly is "dark."