I feel cheated like Eva Longoria. Zing!

Is TBO really writing a post? Is TBO even alive? Is TBO referring to himself in the 3rd person pseudonym? Why yes, yes I am

So how can I possibly be comparing my situation to that of the sluttiest of the Desperate Housewives Eva Longoria? She was played by her younger, richer, Frencher hubby Tony Parker. Seriously, guys need to learn how to delete incriminating emails/texts. Now Eva will have to take to talents to South Beach in search for another athlete husband. How sad

Me on the other hand, i've been whipped for 20 years by a mistress called sports. For as long as i can remember, it has consumed my life to the point where I am basically committed till the end, you know for the kids. The good has definitely overshadowed the bad when it comes to my experience with sports. It entertains me, stimulates me, and may i say completes me, boo who hoo. I even got to experienced a Stanley Cup and and an Antonio Alfonseca handful of NBA championships.

However, there has always been a part of my relationship with sports that has disappointed me every holiday season. A time of joy and celebrations smeared by the greed of the rich and wealthy. Yes, of course, I am speaking of the BCS

I have been a big fan of college football since the days of Peter Warrick killing the Hurricanes every labor labor day. However, after watching the SEC religiously every Saturday in 2007, college football has become the queen to baseball's king. But what is a sports without a championship? Every seasons concludes anticlimactically with a championship game between 2 teams subjectively chosen by a computer. What is this, baseball?

This same argument is made every time this time of year, but I not claiming that this is an inadequate system. I am claiming that my life's sporting experience is being cheated away from me by a faceless institution. I dont even know who to point my anger at? There is no one individual like a commissioner, CEO, or president to blame for this injustice. How can people fight and protest for change when we dont even know who's in charge.

Proponents of the system claim the BCS system is best for numerous reasons
  1. It's always been that way, why mess with tradition
  2. It makes every regular season game matter
  3. College athletes cant play 16 game schedules
  4. Small schools benefit from playing in crappy bowl games
  5. It makes everyone a crapload of money
Let me lay out the perfect playoff system for college football

The regular season remains basically unchanged. Every team plays 11 games instead of 12. Eliminate one out of conference game making it 3 out and 8 in conference games. Eliminate the conference championship games. The point of the conference championship game is give an automatic bid to a BCS game. Regardless how bad the ACC or Big East may be, one of their crappy teams will ruin your New Years Day. Eliminate all the Human and Coaches poles from consideration and only use the BCS computer standings to determine the Top 25. Eliminate the preseason polls. No one knows how good a team full of 20 year old sex starved gangsters is going to perform on the field. Teams in the preseason top 16 who turned out horrible: Florida, Texas, VT, USC, Pitt, GT. It has too large an impact on the ranking going forward. Everyone starts with a clean slate and computer algorithms should decide who ranks where. Sit back and enjoy the regular season as a build up to the grand daddy of 'em all the BCS Playoff!

To all the tradition geeks, the Bowl games are here to stay, just in a slightly different format. Only the top 16 teams in the BCS poll enter the playoff system, the rest of the bowl eligible teams fill out the remaining 30 bowl games. Currently there are 5 BCS games. Sugar, Orange, Fiesta, and Rose, with one getting duplicated for a 5th game and designated The National Championship game.

Normally, the 30 non-BCS bowls get played out through most of December, with the BCS bowls played between Jan1 and the 2nd Monday of January if I recall correctly. This creates a huge problem in that the Championship game is usually played 40-50 days after the conclusion of the regular season. I recall Ohio St. in 2007 having some 51 days between their last reg season game and the championship game. Needless to say they got manhandled by Florida. Instead, they can use the NFL style and play playoff games every weekend leading up to the final the first week of the new year.

Week 1, Sweat 16: 8 games. 1v16, 2v15 ...
Week 2, Elite 8: 4 games
Week 3, Final 4: 2 games
Week 4, Championship Game

The playoff games are played at the usual 4 BCS sites, with each alternating the Championship Game every 4 years. Or maybe get creative and go outside the BCS stadiums for the championship. Who wouldnt want to see the final game at the hoarse shoe, the big house, or death valley.

So why 16 teams and not more or less. This is a subjective number, but my experience tells me that most years any team in the top 16 BCS ranking can upset any team in the first 2 rounds. The 16 seed beating the 1 is absolutely not out of the question. This isnt basketball. I say it would happen about 1 out of every 4 years. Based on what poll you look at, the 16 seed right now would be either Nebraska, Missouri, or Virginia Tech. Nebraska already beat Missouri. Missouri already beat Oklahoma. And VT has dominated every game since losing the first 2 of the season. You cant tell me they dont stand a chance against Oregon.

Once we get down to the Elite 8, anything goes. There will be no favorites. Just chaos. Stanford v Auburn. Boise v Alabama. LSU v Wisconsin. Ohio St v Oregon. The only downside is students all over the land failing Fall finals from all the excitement.

Or just keep the crappy system as is. Cant wait to wait 50 days to see Auburn rape Boise St


Sexy Rexy said...

To quote The 'Bright' One from a comment to a post I did earlier in the year:

"Wow, what a generic response that could apply to any football post on the internet."

Dmitry said...

i dont get it

i feel like i made that statement about some asian spammer who commented on your post with the most generic response ever. Like "i totally am rooting for that team to beat the other other team that we do not like in that sport that they play"

Sexy Rexy said...

It was a comment to my 19-0 about how both Indy and New Orleans were in the super bowl yet both took different approached to get there and it was really obvious and cliche. Just like this post.

No duh the BCS sucks. Everybody hates it, everybody wants a playoffs system except for the 4 people who are in control of changing it/ making a boat load of money off of it.

Sexy Rexy said...

or maybe it was to an Asian spammer that I just took as a response to my post....

Dmitry said...

this post is different because i make a point that it is actually depriving my life, my life's experience of a playoff. Even if they start doing it next year, i still have missed out on 20 years of possible glory. i feel cheated. I also make a proposal as to how the playoff layout should go. that was my stance, as generic as it may be.

when are we podcasting? our asian spammers cant wait any longer

Sexy Rexy said...

I'm in town until Tuesday, call me whenever- but probably Saturday or later

The One DME Accosted said...

I see Sexy Rexy is not the only GOI poster who could use the help of an editor/spell-checker.

I'll do it, but I don't come cheap.

Sexy Rexy said...

1) We at GOI never claim to spell check
2) I always spell check my work- it just occurs like an hour after I post