A Quick Reminder Of Why I Hate Dusty Baker

Remember Kerry Wood and Mark Prior? Imagine what the Cubs franchise would look like if they never met Dusty Baker.

Look at Mark Prior's 2003 game log, for example. Over each of Prior's last seven starts, Dusty kept him in for 110+ pitches. In fact, in Prior's final two starts, Baker had Prior pitch over 130 pitches. And of course, we know what Dusty did with Prior in the playoffs. Such is criminal to do to any pitcher's arm, especially after a season's worth of mileage.

So too, was the fate of Kerry Wood. Baker had him pitched 114+ plus pitches in each of his final six outings (120+ in his final two).

Baker already broke Aaron Harang (details in the middle of the post). Good luck Alroldis Chapman, Johnny Cueto, Edinson Volquez, and Homer Bailey and friends.


Dmitry said...

what? is he gonna break volquez again?