Joe Morgan DFAed, What Now FJM?

Now that ESPN has designated Joe Morgan for assignment (well, they really just outright released him), do you think Kenny Williams or Bruce Bochy will sign him? They love their crafty veterans and that "veteran presence," right?

But on a serious note, does anyone remember that ingenuous blog (whose untimely demise sparked the birth of this blog), Fire Joe Morgan? Just a few days over two years ago, Ken Tremendous and crew said their final goodbyes, but left us FJM enthusiasts with a glimmer of hope in the comments to that final post:
Many of you guys have written in to ask us to reconsider -- even if we just post something once in a long while. You guys are nice and awesome.

And, well, we might. We might come back here once in a while and post something particularly infuriating or noteworthy. We like this place too.
I realize that FJM has reunited for one day of glory over on for two-years running now, but is yearning for new material. If this news is not something particularly noteworthy (though it is worth noting that the guys at FJM did not actual proclaim a desire for Joe Morgan to get fired, only that people disregard that "old baseball" knowledge that science and math has disproved), then what in the world is?

Please Ken, we miss you!


Dmitry said...

what, is mose schrute not enough for you?

that would have been an awesome halloween costume. next year