Pick One: The Top 30 FA Landing Spots

Last week, I gave some insight on my expected landing points for the top 20 free agents of 2011. Since, I've made a few bets with friends and talked to some guys at THT and in the spirit of committing myself to a decision, here are a list of where TBO, two law students, and myself see the top free agents landing this offseason. I have a strong feeling that Hiroki Kuroda is going to mess up my predictions big time by re-upping with the Dodgers...
NAME              DME          TBO           A. Bassan    D. Nangle
Cliff Lee Nationals Rangers Yankees Yankees
Carl Crawford Angels Angels Red Sox Angels
Adrian Beltre Red Sox Red Sox Mariners Red Sox
Jayson Werth Red Sox Nationals Angels Red Sox
Adam Dunn Cubs Nationals White Sox Cubs
Victor Martinez Tigers Red Sox Tigers Tigers
Rafael Soriano Diamondbacks White Sox Astros Angels
Mariano Rivera Yankees Yankees Yankees Yankees
Paul Konerko White Sox White Sox White Sox White Sox
Derek Jeter Yankees Yankees Yankees Yankees
Hiroki Kuroda Rangers Orioles Pirates Nationals
Jorge De La Rosa Pirates Pirates Nationals Pirates
Carl Pavano Twins Twins Astros Rangers
Jake Westbrook Rockies Cardinals Cardinals Cardinals
Aubrey Huff Giants Giants Giants Mariners
Juan Uribe Giants Giants Orioles Giants
Carlos Pena Nationals Angels Nationals Nationals
Jim Thome Rays Twins Rangers Twins
Vladimir Guerrero Rangers White sox Rays Rangers
Manny Ramirez White Sox Rangers Athletics Athletics
Magglio Ordonez Tigers Tigers Blue Jays ---
Orlando Hudson Cardinals Cardinals Cardinals ---
Lance Berkman Rangers Yankees Orioles ---
Derrek Lee Orioles Cubs Blue Jays ---
Andy Pettitte Yankees Yankees Retired ---
Jon Garland Cardinals Rockies Mets ---
Javier Vazquez Nationals Braves Orioles ---
JJ Putz Angels Red Sox Twins ---
Scott Downs Red Sox Blue Jays Yankees ---
Hideki Matsui Mariners Mariners Mariners ---
Brandon Webb Mariners Cubs --- ---
Check THT Live next week for more insight by me and three other THT writers into where we think the top FA's are going to land. At that point, we will have officially beat a dead horse.


Sexy Rexy said...

I hate to be a hater but... this is the most useless thing ever. I hate it when ESPN guys file reports nevertheless you guys making predictions based off of essentially nothing.

David "MVP" Eckstein said...

Well my predictions are based on team's needs, spending histories/habits, and G/9. If that's not science, nothing is!

Sexy Rexy said...

Unless you have personal insight with every baseball team and know what they personally like and know how their owner wants to spend money in this offseason, you're just making an educated guess.

Even ESPN reporters who release initial reports on what players team likes tend to be wrong.

All predictions in general are worthless and this list is even more so.

Dmitry said...

i told DME this is pointless and has no science behind it. So i sent him my list where i just copy pasted my his answers, but then gave my own answers as DME tends to nag a lot

David "MVP" Eckstein said...

The first domino has fallen: Kuroda shocked us all with a low-ball, 1 year contract. I sincerely thought he could get 3/$30 on the Rockies or Rangers...