Worthless Sports Predictions: DME's Top 20 FA Landing Points

1. Cliff Lee – Nationals or Rangers. He may go to the Yankees, but I'm betting the Nationals offer the most dollars and years.
2. Carl Crawford – Angels, Dodgers or Red Sox. Each of these teams are in need of an athletic outfielder. The Angels seem the most intent on Crawford, but their NL counterpart is Mannyless and Scotty Podless...
3. Adrian Beltre - Red Sox. The Red Sox could always play Youk at 3B, which gives them FA flexibility, but Beltre's slick glove and left field love (see his home run spray chart) says that Boston will bring him back on a deal somewhere in the neighborhood of 4 years, $40 million.
4. Jayson Werth - Red Sox or Dodgers. See Crawford. Assuming the Angels get Crawford, the BoSox and Dodgers will duke it out for this 31-year-old ex-catcher who can play a mean CF and bat well.
5. Adam Dunn – Cubs or White Sox. No matter which side of the city he ends up on, he's coming to Chicago.
6. Victor Martinez - Tigers. They need a catcher...bad.
7. Rafael Soriano – Diamondbacks. They need a reliable closer...bad.
8. Mariano Rivera - Yankees. No brainer.
9. Paul Konerko - White Sox or Rays. Either the Sox bring him back or sign Dunn. Someone's gotta man 1B and Kenny loves Paulie.
10. Derek Jeter - Yankees. No brainer.
11. Hiroki Kuroda – Rangers, Pirates or Nationals
12. Jorge De La Rosa – Pirates, Rockies or Royals.
13. Carl Pavano - Twins. Maybe Nick Blackburn will grow a Mario Bros. mustache too.
14. Jake Westbrook – Cardinals or Rockies. Both teams are in need of ground-balling innings eaters.
15. Aubrey Huff – Giants. The Giants love to overspend on the overrated, the aging, and the overperforming. Seems like a match made in heaven!
16. Juan Uribe - Giants.
17. Carlos Pena - Nationals. Adam Dunn with defense. Seems to fit the National's team direction.
18. Jim Thome - Twins, Rays or A's. The Twins picked up Kubel's option, but there is no way they'd let a part-time player who put up a .400+ OBP and socked 25 home runs in a power-premium year walk, right?
19. Vladimir Guerrero – Rangers. They may have declined his option, but it was more about market value rather than interest. 2-years, $17 million?
20. Manny Ramirez – Athletics, Rays or White Sox (1-year deal). Boras will be trying to rebuild Manny's value a la Adrian Beltre. He'll go to one of these (fringe) contenders in need of an OBP machine with pop. The Rays make a lot of sense, especially if Pena does not resign.