Things I Got Right (And Wrong)

So we're about halfway through the NFL season and it's time now to boost my ego, but mainly show my humility.


Dressing up as Kenny Powers for Halloween

Actual Football
- Liking the Kansas City Chiefs. On my two part podcast I said Chiefs would be second in their division. While they probably would win it, I was on board the Kansas City bandwagon WAY before everyone else was. At a time where everybody was picking the Oakland Raiders to be good and finish behind the Chargers, I was picking the Chiefs. Part of my Week One slaughter of Cubsfan and TBO was me picking the Chiefs to beat the Chargers at Arrowhead- which they did.

- Liking the Houston Texans. I'm still not 100% convinced they'll make the playoffs (although I like them a lot) I did however predict their Week One domination of the Colts.

- Liking the phrase: I'm a man! I'm 40!

Fantasy Football
Players I Said To Stay Away From And You Should Have
- Ryan Matthews
- Jahvid Best
- CJ Spiller
- Ronny Cedeno
- Shonn Green
- Derrick Mason
- NYJ Receivers

Free Agent Pick Ups I Told You About
- Brandon Lloyd (Week One)
- Peyton Hillis (Week One)
- Mark Clayton (Week One)
- LeBron James (offseason)
- Michael Vick (duh!)
- Tony Moeaki (Week Two)
- Marshawn Lynch (Week Two)

Guys I Drafted So I Clearly Liked
- LaDanian Tomlinson
- Ahmad Bradshaw
- Frank Gore
- Gaines Adams
- Steve Breaston
- Arain Foster (I'm going to take SOME credit for this because Cubsfan and I got into a fierce bidding war over Foster. But I did lose out on him)

Board Bets
- Liking Eddie Royal over Jabar Gaffney and Demarious Thomas
- Liking Larry Fitzgerald over Randy Moss
- Liking Chocolate Milk over Strawberry Milk
- Liking Arian Foster over Steve Slaton (TBO tried to make this Board Bet with me as well)
- Liking Johnny Knox over Devin Aromashodu

Oh, and right now I'm first in total points (second overall) in the 14 team GOI league and currently leading TBO and Cubsfan in the Pigskin Pick Em league.


Actual Football

- Thinking the Bears had talent

- Claiming the Indianapolis Colts would miss the playoffs. I did clarify that it was based upon nothing and only because I'm superstitious and thought Super Bowl losers don't make it back to the playoffs, but I looked like I'm about to proven wrong.

- Claiming the 49ers and Cowboys would win their division. I was WAY off on this one considering both team sucks more than a Thai hooker.

Fantasy Football
Guys I Liked But Are Not Very Good (Or Bad Values)
- Chris Johnson
- Michael Turner
- Brandon Marshall
- Applebees' 2 for $20 deal
- Chad Henne
- Tom Brady
- Justin Forsett
- DeAngelo Williams/ Jonathan Stewart

Guys I Was WAY Off Base About
- I ranked Joe Flacco as my number 6 quarterback coming into the year and Ray Rice as my number 3 running back. Both guys suck and are awful values
- I HATED Darren McFadden and even thought Michael Bush would be better.
- I loved Felix Jones and thought he would be the next Ray Rice. Turns out he's shittier than Ray Rice- this year
- Anthony Gonzalez. I wrote an entire post about A-Gon and thought he would be better than both Collie and Garcon.
- Thinking I could actually jump that shark on my water skis.
- Listing only 15 QBs and said if you have to have any other QB you'd be fucked. But QBs I left off the list- Kyle Orton, Josh Freeman, and Ryan Fitzpatrick. Guys I left on the list: Joe Flacco, Kevin Kolb, Chad Henne.
- I said that Phillip Rivers will probably not get his numbers with no legit wide out. Turns out he's on pace to destroy Dan Marino's single season passing yards record.
- Tellings fans (and doing so myself) to bench Patriots Randy Moss against Darelle Revis and the Jets for Seattle's Mike Williams.

Board Bets
- Thinking Larry Fitzgerald will finish inside the top 10 among wide outs
- Thinking Joe Flacco would be a top 8 QB, that Kevin Kolb would be a top 10 QB, and that Chad Henne would be a top 15 QB
- Thinking Anthony Gonzalez would get more receiving yards than Pierre Garcon
- Thinking Chris Johnson would be better than Adrian Peterson
- Thinking Tom Brady could put up better fantasy numbers than either P. Manning, Rodgers, or Brees.
- Thinking Jonathan Stewart would be better than LeSean McCoy