Maybe Not Every Sport Should Play At Wrigley

I don't know anyone who would admit Wrigley Field was "comfortable" I've been to my fair share of games at Wrigley this past season and I'm not going to be a complete White Sox hater of the stadium like some of my friends that I know. But it's sure as hell historic. There's an undeniable prestige about The Friendly Confines that can't be ignored. Travelers, tourists, and baseball fans alike have flocked to see at least one game at Clark and Addison. ESPN Page Two ranks Wrigley Field as the 13th most important sports venues. They also rank seeing a Cubs game in the bleachers as the 22nd best thing a sports fan should do before they die. I'm sure there's no more Pro-Wrigley top 100 rankings because Wrigley and Wrigleyville is just an integral event and part of Sports Americana. People love Wrigley and rightfully so.

But that being said, let's stop having anything other than baseball games be played at the stadium.

In 2008 on New Year's Day, for the great Winter Classic- the Chicago Blackhawks hosted the Detroit Red Wings at Wrigley Field. Overall it was a resounding success (especially for Red Wings fan who rallied from a 0-3 deficit to win 6-3) and it has gotten many praises. But it wasn't without it's problems.

There were reports about problems with putting ice down on the field, the temperature was WAY too cold for both players and fans, and most importantly- it was hard to see the game for a lot of the fans. While I'm not going to make a joke about poles being in the way, one of the best experiences (so I've heard) is being up against the glass and having the possibility of seeing a check right in front of your face. But because Wrigley Field is not conducive (really) for a hockey rink, it was hard for a lot of people to see the game. Not only were there no people up against the glass but you could just how far away people had to sit to watch the game- even for those who got great seats if you were watching a baseball game. I bet for the people who paid an arm and a leg and through the nose for those seats lost some of the appeal of a hockey game compared to a game at the normal arena.

But, again, the Winter Classic was considered a resounded success so if you want to refute me on any points (respectfully of course) be my guest- I won't put up a fight.

But what really grinds my gears is regarding the upcoming Illinois-Northwestern game being played at Wrigley this Saturday. While I'm thrilled, because this game is at Wrigley, that my beloved Illini will receiver national attention and receiver it's sixth win to be bowl eligible (cross your fingers), it's how the game will be played that's got my slightly ticked.

On today, there was a story that both offenses will be playing towards the same touchdown. This is because the other touchdown will be against the right field wall and there's fear that an injury will occur.

WHAT!? This isn't a pick up game in your back yard with your family right before a Thanksgiving dinner. This isn't a game where there's that one due who's a permanent QB because you have an odd number of players. This is a college football game. This just seems absurd to me.

While I admit this is at the bottom of my list of "shit I should care about" right below the color of my bowel movements (ooo going Blue!), this still shouldn't happen. I think it's time to reevaluate other sporting events that will play at Wrigley. I understand why sports want to do it. I understand the prestige and the "OOOH" factor involved in playing at Wrigley. But at the same time, let's be realistic here. At some point the mystique factor should be outweighed by the realism factor.