Game Of Inches Football Results: Week Twelve

Pigskin Pick 'Em

1) Sexy Rexy
Overall: 117-59
Last Week: 11-5
Clutch Games: Minnesota over Washington, San Diego over Indy
WTF Games: Denver over St. Louis, Tennessee over Houston

2) The 'Bright' One
Overall: 114-62
Last Week: 12-4
Clutch Games: N/A
WTF Games: N/A

3) Cubsfan4evr1
Overall: 104-72
Last Week: 8-8
Clutch Games: N/A
WTF Games: Continually choosing against the Bears, Tampa Bay over Baltimore, Jacksonville over New York (N)

WTF Game of all three of us: choosing Derek Anderson over the 49ers

Game of Inches Fantasy Football League

- Sexy Rexy (T): 8-3-1
- TBO (L): 8-4
- Cubsfan4ever1 (W): 7-5

- Sexy Rexy: 2nd in Michelle Beadle division, 3rd overall
- TBO: 2nd in Erin Andrews division, 4th overall
- Cubsfan4evr1: 4th in Erin Andrews division, 6th overall

- Sexy Rexy guaranteed himself a playoff birth this week. He joins Swag On (2nd overall, 1st in Andrews division) and Str1fe5 (1st overall and in Beadle division) who guaranteed playoff births last week
- Sexy Rexy lost Frank Gore and Tony Romo for the year. I'm extremely pissed.
- The 'Bright' One is still 1st overall in points