Attention Cubs Fans: It Is Time To Burn Your #2 Ryan Theriot Jersesy

Usually it's OK to keep and wear the jersey of a player who has been traded away from your franchise. Kerry Wood's jersey is still en vogue. Greg Maddux will never die. Every once in a while, however, a player burns the bridge and then it's time to burn their jersey. For example, Johnny Damon signing with the rival Yankees, or Gary Sheffield baselessly calling the
Yankees organization racist
, or Jose Guillen/Milton Bradley being themselves.

Ryan Theriot officially falls into the latter category.

In speaking with radio station KFNS, Theriot says that he is "finally on the right side of the Cubs-Cardinals rivalry." Furthermore, Theriot proclaims that he "always wanted to be a part of [the Cardinals' tradition]."

I'm just going to say what all Cubs fans are thinking right now. Ryan Theriot is a little piece of shit. He's David Eckstein wanna be. His scrappy ass barely gets on base and has about as much power as Juan Pierre. His best days are behind him. 2008 (wRC+ of 101) was the only season as a starting player that Theriot even posted a wRC+ of even 90 (or higher).

Congratulations, Cardinals. You replaced one sub-mediocre middle infielder (Brendan Ryan) with another, slightly less sub-mediocre player. Enjoying paying $3+ million for nothing in return.


Dmitry said...

at least brandon ryan has a real arm

Sexy Rexy said...

I wonder if The Riot is still pissed at the Cubs based upon the arbitration meeting they recently had. I heard it got ugly and I'm sure the Cubs are like "The Riot, you suck, we're not gonna pay you" and is still holding a grudge

David "MVP" Eckstein said...

Well, to the Cubs credit, The Riot did kind of suck. He was a SS with no range, no arm, below average offense...

Chris said...

found the site through your hardball times article, good work.

Regarding the scrapiness of Ryan Theriot, I thought you should read this: