Extremely Quick Thoughts On Recent White Sox FA Moves

Considering this is a "Sexy Rexy" post and I wrote this in a hurry, I guarantee you there will be at least one spelling or grammatical mistake. My bad. But did you really expect anything less?

- Sox sign Adam Dunn to a four year $56 million dollar deal. I love it. I understand he's AWFUL at any defensive position and should play DH and not 1B (like he will) but I don't care. He can stop hitting 38 HR like clockwork and start hitting 40+ in Comiskey. I don't care about the money as well because I'll still pay to see this team about 3-4 times a year no matter what and if ticket sales do go up, it'll be minimal to me. Plus, the White Sox are not the Oakland A's. They do not need to be conservative with their money. Plus, if this is actually a good deal (DME tell me if this is or not!) then it's just icing on the cake.
- Sox will probably re-sign Paul Konerko. Last year was probably a career season past 2005 for him but I love him. There are certain players that when you wear their jerseys to the games, you will NEVER get a funny look. Konerko is one of those jerseys. If you go to a Bears game and you see a Rex Grossman jersey you think to yourself, "Get a new fucking jersey dude. This isn't 2006". But Konerko is like wearing a, hmm, I don't want to say Walter Peyton because Konerko was never THAT good, maybe a Fridge jersey? Anyways, you get the point. Paul Konerko will never be that type of "Rex Grossman jersey" player. I would love to see him retire as a White Sock from an emotional aspect and he'll produce WAY better than fucking Mark Kotsay or whoever was in the "rotating DH" spot last year
- Sox give Alexei Ramirez a raise. Great. I love A-Ram, I said he will develop into a good defensive player and he proved me wrong- he developed into a GREAT defensive player and fucktard Derek Jeter stole a Gold Glove from him last year. Plus Alexei's got some great pop. Obviously I'd love to see him get ONE walk in his career but I still want him on my team.
- Sox non-tender Bobby Jenks. Fuck him. I love Bobby, he's my all time personal favorite White Sox but fuck him. He's lost velocity on his fastball which has decreased his effectiveness. Plus with guys like Matt Thorton, Chris Sale, and Sergio Santos ready to step up in this bullpen, the Sox don't need Jenks. Plus, I love Kenny's ability to find great bullpen arms like Mike MacDougal.
- I own three White Sox shirts: Jim Thome, Jermaine Dye, and Bobby Jenks. I wear these shirts to the gym and I get the "What the fuck dude, this isn't 2006" look. Whatevs. At least I can wear my Konerko jersey with pride. Unlike those idiots who bought a Ken Griffey Jr. shirt/uniform.


David "MVP" Eckstein said...

Really? Really? Jenks had the best season (2.59 FIP, 2.62 xFIP, 3.29 tERA) of his career on 2010.

I hope the Cubs sign him

David "MVP" Eckstein said...

I like Dunn, but you overpaid him for defensive play. He's likely a +3-4 WAR 1B max, if he defense is like it was last yr. His career uzr/150 at 1b is a full WAR lower, however. Considering he was barely worth 15 million in 2010, I doubt he'll be worth anywhere near $15 mil by 2012 and beyond.

David "MVP" Eckstein said...

Now, if Dunn plays defense, I'd say he's worth the contract (but no bargain)

David "MVP" Eckstein said...

Also also, Aram is Still Aramis Ramirez. Unless you let me call Miguel Tejada miggy without blabbering how Miggy is Miggy, I dont wanna hear aram again!@

Dmitry said...

What a homer