"40-40" "50-40-90" "70" "2000" Clubs

Every professional sports league has exclusive "clubs" of personal achievements players have accomplished in a given regular season. Every so rarely a ball player will throw a no-hitter, score 60 points, net 4 goals, or run for 200 yards. But those are individual game accomplishments, that are often considered a fluke. However, it is difficult to fluke your way through an entire regular season, and for this i have selected and elite statistical "club" in each of the 4 main professional sports. Let us begin...

Baseball 40-40 Club

The most elite club of any i have selected as it only has 4 members. 40 homers and 40 stolen bases in the same season is a truly elite category for the truly elite skilled baseball players. Power and speed are 2 of the 5 tools, you add a .300 season, gold glove, and 20 outfield assists and you will have the perfect baseball player.

1988José CansecoOakland Athletics4240
1996Barry BondsSan Francisco Giants4240
1998Alex RodriguezSeattle Mariners4246
2006Alfonso SorianoWashington Nationals4641
It should be noted that Soriano is the only player to not hit .300 in his 40-40 season, though he is the only guy he to 1 stolen base away from having two 40-40 seasons

Basketball 50-40-90 club

Basketball is all about putting the biscuit in the basket. Those that do it better than others, are considered the better players. One of the most challenging clubs is the 50-40-90 club representing 50% shooting from the field, 40% from the 3-point line, and 90% from the free throw line. Some of you may be thinking whats the big deal. There are numerous guys every year who do that. Yes, there are, but they don't do all 3 things at the same time. Sure you will have a bunch of centers who shoot over 50% cause all they do it dunk. A lot of 3 point specialists shoot 40%, hell Kyle Korver shot 54% last year, but they usually have a low field goal percentage overall. Notable absent from the list is Ray Allen, who has never shot 50% from the field.

Larry Bird - 53-40-91
Larry Bird - 53-41-92
Mark Price - 53-44-90
Reggie Miller - 50-42-91
Dirk Nowitzki - 50-42-90
Steve Nash - 51-44-92
Steve Nash - 50-47-91
Steve Nash - 50-44-93
Steve Nash - 51-43-94

Hockey 70 goal club

There have been many great goal scorers in the NHL. Every year there is someone who puts up 50 goals, maybe even a 60 goal season every blue moon, but only the very elite have netted 70 goals. Now the NHL has go through many phases in it's history, much like baseball had the dead ball and steroid eras, but none the less it is a truly great achievement to put 70 pucks through the net.

Wayne Gretzky 4X - 92-87-73-71
Brett Hall 3X - 86-72-70
Mario Lemieux 2x - 85-70
Phil Esposito - 76
Alexander Mogilny - 76
Teemu Selanne - 76
Jari kurri - 71
Bernie Nicholls - 70

Football 2000 yards rushing

It takes a truly special season for a running back to rush for 2000 yards. Think of how great a season Chris Johnson had last year, and he just barely exceeded the 2000 yards mark. It takes high carries, a great line, a high average, and most importantly a bunch of talent

1984 - Eric Dickerson - 2,105 yards
2003 - Jamal Lewis - 2,066 yards
1997 - Barry Sanders - 2,053 yards
1998 - Terrell Davis - 2,008 yards
2009 - Chris Johnson - 2,006 yards
1973 - O.J. Simpson - 2,003 yard


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Cubsfan4evr said...

Great article! If you had to pick one from these four major sports as the hardest to achieve what would it be?

Dmitry said...

initially i just wanted to write about the 50-40-90 club, cause that is something i really admire, but then decided to expend the post to all sports.

Dirk is on pace for a monumentally amazing shooting season, he just needs to get his 85% free throw percentage up

Cubsfan4evr said...

With baseball being my favorite sport I wanted to say the 40-40 Club. I think it has to be the 50-40-90 club tohugh, because onlt a very talented player can do that.