Quick Chicago Baseball Notes

I am diligently working towards rounding out my third semester of law school, so let me make this post brief, to the point, and unsubstantiated by proof (like about 1/2 of all plaintiff law suits):

1. The Cubs signed Carlos Pena to a 1-year/$10 million dollar deal last night. I could not be happier. Sure, the Cubs will not be competition in 2010 (barring some unforeseen lightning in the bottle a la the 2010 Padres), but at least we'll be hitting home runs again. I can't remember the last time a Cub hit 40 home runs in a season. Oh wait, yes I can: 2005 Derrek Lee!

2. Speaking of home runs, the Cubs came this close to trading for my perpetual man crush, Chris Davis, last night. The deal would have sent catcher Robinson Chirinos (plus an unpolished 22-year old arm, Rafael Dolis, who has periodically hit triple digits on the radar gun) to the Rangers for Davis and Darren O'Day. Even with Pena briefly in the fold, I would like this deal (Davis is only 24, had 4 seasons of team control remaining) for the long term and even 2011, if the Cubs end up flipping Pena for a prospect mid-season. I won't repeat myself for the billionth time, but Davis is a high power, high strikeout, some walk, tons of line drives hitter. A .280/.335/.520 line is more than plausible at Wrigley.

3. White Sox re-sign aging Paul Konerko to a 3-year/$37.5 million dollar contract. Can't blame Kenny on this one. White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf stepped into Williams' affairs and pulled the trigger. Williams in now reporting the Sox are out of financial wiggle room, which might be problematic with 2 of the team's best bullpen arms (Putz, Jenks) leaving via free agency, while Linebrink (overpaid, but effective last year) has been traded away. The Sox seem to be riding big on Thornton/Santos/Pena in the pen with a splash of Chris Sale, who is supposed to be a promising starter, placed in the mix.