Game Of Inches Football Results: Week Fourteen

Pigskin Pick 'Em

1) Sexy Rexy
Overall: 139-67
Last Week: 13-3
Clutch Games: Arizona over Denver, San Fran over Seattle
WTF Games: N/A

2) The 'Bright' One
Overall: 134-72
Last Week- 10-6
Clutch Games: Buffalo over Cleveland
WTF Games: Chicago over New England, Kansas City over San Diego

3) Cubsfan4evr1
Overall: 125-81
Last Week: 9-7
Clutch Games: Arizona over Denver
WTF Games: Houston over Baltimore, Dallas over Philly

Game Of Inches Fantasy Football League
You can check out our GOI league here

(4) Sexy Rexy def. (5) Cubsfan4evr1: 86-82
(3) TBO over def. (6) The 11/Nap Rags: 134.5-71

Next Week's Match Ups

(1) Str1fe5 vs. (4) Sexy Rexy
(2) Swag On vs. (3) TBO

- TBO texted me Sunday night, "My team showed today why I deserved a first round bye". I'm calling him the favorite to win this league
- Before the two Monday night games started Sexy Rexy was losing to Cubsfan4evr1 68 to 36. Cubsfan scored 14 points on Monday Night. Sexy Rexy scored 50.
- All week long I was getting upset at Cubsfan because he had by far the better team and I kept saying all week he was going to win. Sorry dude, that sucks, you deserved to win.


Cubsfan4evr said...

I am out of it in Pigskin Pick 'Em unless I can put together an hail marry so I will be taking more upsets than usual for the remainder of the season. I know it will probably make things worse and I will must end with a worse record, but I don't really have a chance otherwise. All my upsets with Houston, Dallas, and Minnesota did blow up in my face this week.

Sexy Rexy said...

I'm telling ya, I was in your position last year and predicting hail mary's just ends up hurting you more

Cubsfan4evr said...

BTW I am so mad about loosing in fantasy football to Sexy Rexy. He kept complaining to me how I was going to slaughter him the whole week and then it turned out to be really close if my team under performed big time. My bench had a good day though which made the loss even harder if I would have started some of my bench players I would have. My optimal lineup would have scored 111 points instead of 82. Even against Sexy Rexy's Optimal lineup I would have won. I can't go in detail because Yahoo Fantasy sports website is down. My bench had Torain and garcon who had monster days.

Sexy Rexy said...

very true. I was getting upset because you kept thinking I had a chance and I really thought there was no way I could win. At the same time, you made the correct decisions because you started all of your studs. i started james starks over LT and it almost cost me. As most fantasy experts will tell you, you shouldnt get too cute when setting ur playoff roster

Cubsfan4evr said...

I started all of my big names, but big names aren't always the right choice looking at the match up. I was thinking of playing Garcon over Maclin and Torain over The law firm. Take this as a lesson not to get stuck on the names over the matchups................