We're On A Mission...Year 3!

Just two short years ago today, the Game of Inches blog (henceforth "GOI") was born. In the 730 or so days that this site has been around, we've gone from a totally obscure, "who the hell are these guys" blog written from our parents' basements to a relative obscure blog produced in apartments that our parents only help pay for.

Our successes have been modest, but many. Our analysis and insight has been featured on a variety of mediums from MLBTradeRumors and the now-defunct BallHype to SportsIllustrated.com. My work at GOI landed me a sweet gig over at the Hardball Times, while SexyRexy now does fantasy analysis on the side for FantasyPros.com.

Though the volume of material has tapered off a bit (550 or so posts thus far in 2010) compared to GOI's golden days of 2009 (a whopping 1279 posts in one year!), I continue to enjoy bringing my rants and raves public via GOI when I have the time and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. I will forever be grateful for the doors that this blog, which originally arose from the ashes of FireJoeMorgan.com, has opened for me over the years and the readers and pagelinkers who made such door-openings possible.

By now, I have made it an annual thing to be slightly nostalgic and give cheesy words of thanks to all the readers (including those who only come here courtesy of a search for "lesbians" on Google Images) who have continued to make our blog worth keeping alive through law school, med school, and whatever the hell it is Cubsfan4evr1 does in the hard knock life of the real world these days (now that he's no longer working for the Chicago Cubs). I sincerely give thanks to all who read us regularly, occasionally, or by mere accidental chance.

To my fellow blogmates, I say thank you for helping keep the site alive, continuously adding your witty/insightful commentary and analysis. What would I do without you (well, beside be forced to pay others to take your place)?

If anyone has suggestions for future content or if anyone has any questions/comments they feel the need to vocalize, you can always do so by emailing us at gameofinchesblog@gmail.com.

Thanks again everyone.


Sexy Rexy said...

I love these cheesy/thoughtful posts

Dmitry said...

someone should make a movie to chronicle out story. what actors should play our characters?

David "MVP" Eckstein said...

Dibs on edward norton!

Sexy Rexy said...

He's only like 20 yrs older than you, but sure. I call dibs on "Green Hornet" Seth Rogen

Dmitry said...

i will take shia labeouf thank you

Dmitry said...

that or brad pitt