GOI Fantasy Basketball Team After 2 Months

We are two months into the basketball season so I figured we should look at how TBO and myself are doing in the GOI league. We both struggled early on in the first few weeks, but once the schedule evened out a bit, both of our teams contiunted to do better untill we moved towards the top. Currently I am in 1st with TBO in 3rd, but were pretty close point wise, especially this early in the season.

This is how were doing in each category:

As you see I am doing terrbile in BLK's, 3PTM, and FT%.

Earlier I did a post on how TBO and my team came out after the draft. This is how my roster currently looks:
Darren Collison is killing me in points, assists, and steals. I thought he would play liked he did last year when he filled in for the inured Chris Paul, but he has not settled into a groove yet in Indiana. Blake Griffin started out slow, but has been a double double guy of late. Andre Miller has saved me as my second point guard considering Collison has done nothing. I didn't expect much from Rashard Lewis and Vince Carter, and they still let me down.........................

Here is a look at TBO Team anchored by shooting:
As you see he has a lot of shooters, but some struggling ones in Tyreke Evans, Gilbert Arenas, Louis Williams, and Baron Davis (who I thought he hates!) all shooting below .400, ouch! That hurts!! Luckily he has Rose, Anthony, Howard, Martin, and Beasley to bring his FG% up.

If you play in the GOI Fantasy Basketball League and want to be included in future updates plese let us know.