Cubsfan4evr1 Fantasy Football Season 2010

I am addicted to fantasy Sports. Every time Fantasy Football, Basketball, and baseball season opens for registration I am the first to sign up so I can have many Live draft's as possible because I love that process. for this reason I usually end up with many teams. More teams than I should manage.

I usually play in 2-4 competitive leagues depending on the fantasy sport and then play in many Public leagues. This way I make sure I devote the proper time to the competitive league, but may slack in the public league if i don't have time or if I am not doing well after half the season I don't feel guilty for not wasting my time on an uphill battle to try and pull off a win that probably won't happen.

For this Fantasy Football season I ended up having 7 Public league teams and 3 competitive leagues. In my competitive leagues, I did not do well. In the GOI league I am playing for 5th place, the same spot I am playing for in another competitive league. In my third tough league I am playing for 7th place this week. I did a pretty good job evaluating the players I wanted to target this season and my strategy, but wasn’t able to execute in my competitive league. That is why it's nice to be in a few public leagues to show my thinking was right, and how dominant I am against lesser talent!!

The Playoffs in the Public leagues start this week being week 15 and week 16. With the regular season in the books I decided to post about how my 7 teams did during the regular season (14 weeks). The teams where I am in first place I have a pretty big lead between the second place team. I decided not to show defense or kickers because they don't matter in fantasy. Most of these teams are in first place, but a few of them have 1400 points and one even has 1514.46 which were great teams averaging over 100 points a week. Looked at these stacked rosters even in a shallow league.

Here are the rosters that helped me dominate these leagues (In same order as standings above):

(Please click to enlarge)

This team could be my deepest roster with many good options.

What do you think of my teams? As you see in some of the leagues I had a tough time deciding who to start every week.