2010 Football Board Bet Winners

Sexy Rexy v. Cubsfan4evr

1) Who will be better in 2010: Randy Moss or Larry Fitzgerald?
Winner: Sexy Rexy (Fitzgerald)
Fitzgerald (65th overall); Moss (168th overall)

2) Has MJD ever been a top 5 RB before 2009?
Winner: Sexy Rexy (No)

3) Who will be better in 2010: Devin Aromashodu or Johnny Knox?
Winner: Sexy Rexy (Knox)
Knox (97); D.A. (2269)

4) Who will be better: LeSean McCoy or Jonathan Stewart?
Winner: Cubsfan4evr1 (McCoy)
Oh good lawd I concede

5) Will Tom Brady be better than either Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, or Peyton Manning?
Winner: Sexy Rexy (Brady)
Rodgers (1); Brady (3); Brees (5); Manning (6)

6) Who will be better: Ryan Grant or Michael Turner?
Winner: Sexy Rexy (Turner)
This is just shit luck for Cubsfan because Turner being a top 3 NFC quarterback meant he was barely a top 10 RB.

7) Who will be better: Adrian Peterson or Chris Johnson?
Winner: Cubsfan4evr1 (Peterson)
Before the season Cubsfan had the #1 overall pick and he asked me whether he should take CJ or AD and I convinced him to take CJ. Boy, sometimes you gotta stick to your guns.

8) Who will be better: Kevin Kolb or Joe Flacco?
Winner: Sexy Rexy (Flacco)
Again, don't need to tabulate this one

9) Who will be better: Steve Breaston or Kevin Walter?
Winner: Sexy Rexy (Breaston)
Breaston (149); Walter (176)
I drafted Walter last year and I liked him but I only drafted one of them this year; guess which one?

10) Will be better: Arian Foster or Steve Slaton?
Winner: Sexy Rexy (Foster)
TBO was so convinced that I was wrong that he tried to get me to make this bet but I was so dumb because I truly believed in Slaton's talent and didn't want to risk it.

11) Who will be better: Eddie Royal or Demaryius Thomas?
Winner: Sexy Rexy (Royal)
Royal (131); Thomas (1670)

12) Who will have more receiving yards: Pierre Garcon or Anthony Gonzalez?
Winner: Cubsfan4evr1 (Garcon)
AGon (67 yards); Garcon (534 yards)

13) Will Randy Moss be a top 20 receiver from Week Nine on?
Winner: Sexy Rexy (No)
I'm not going to tabulate this but since Moss joined the Titans he's be AWFUL. I'm pretty sure I personally put up more fantasy points than what Moss did while in Tennessee.

14) Who will be better from Week Nine on: Darius Heyword-Bey or Michael Crabtree?
Winner: Sexy Rexy (Crabtree)
Crabtree (27 pts); Heyword-Bey (1 pt)

Winner: Sexy Rexy. 11 wins out out 14 bets.

Sexy Rexy vs. The 'Bright' One

1) Is Joe Flacco a top 8 QB?
Winner: The 'Bright' One (No)
Joe ranked 10th overall

2) Will Kevin Kolb be a top 10 QB?
Winner: The 'Bright' One (No)
Wait, let me calculate this out, maybe Kolb has another good week...

3) Will Chad Henne be a top 15 QB?
Winner: The 'Bright' One (No)
Henne was the 23rd best QB. Man my QB rankings sucked balls this year

4) Will CJ Spiller be a top 15 RB? (min. 200 touches)
Winner: Sexy Rexy (No)
OK, Spiller didn't even get close to 200 touches but this touches minimum was in case Spiller got injured. Spiller just sucked and didn't get any playing time so I'm going to say I won this because TBO was so adamant that Spiller would be good.

5) Who will be better in the GOI league Week One: Run DMC or Reggie Bush?
Winner: The 'Bright' One (Run DMC)
Turns out TBO made the right call when he benched the greatest RB ever to grace God's green earth in Week One.

Winner: The 'Bright' One. 4 wins out of 5 bets

The 'Bright' One v. Cubsfan4evr

1) Who will be better: Brandon Marshall or DeSean Jackson?
Winner: Cubsfan4evr1 (Jackson)
TBO and myself laughed at Cubsfan for this prediction but man even with Jackson missing some time Marshall sucked some major donkey balls this year.

Sexy Rexy v. D.B. (GOI Friend)

1) Over/Under 23.5 interceptions for Jay Cutler in 2010
Winner: Sexy Rexy (Under)
While this bet was actually for the entire year and not just for fantasy, Cutler only has 10 on the year and it seems extremely unlikely he will get 14 interceptions in four games.

2) -12.5 for Chicago for Bears/Lions game on 09.12.10
Winner: D.B.
I don't remember the actual score but I know I lost.

Winner: Tie

Sexy Rexy v. FFSpin

Since FFSpin stopped replying to emails like we had a bad break up and stopped paying attention to the GOI league to the point where I was managing his team during the bye weeks, I think it's OK to insult everything he stands for! No, I'm just kidding please don't do that, but it's definitely not a cool move. Seriously. Anyways, here's our bets that only I will care about.

1) Who will be better: Eddie Royal or Jabar Gaffney? (judged every four weeks)

Weeks 1-4 Winner: Sexy Rexy (Royal)
Royal (40); Gaffney (29)

Weeks 5-8 Winner: FFSpin (Gaffney)
Royal (12); Gaffney (26)

Weeks 10-13 Winner: FFSpin (Gaffney)
Royal (19); Gaffney (21)

FFSpin told me that every four weeks I won he would give me a free subscription to his fantasy prediction site. When I kindly asked for it (and I promise I was legit kind) he stopped responding to my emails. Kind of a shit move. Just saying.

2) Will Pierre Thomas be a top 15 RB this year?
Winner: Sexy Rexy (No)
Yet I'm the loser because I traded away Greg Jennings and I league I didn't care about to get Thomas after Week One

Winner: Tie The tie breaker will be Royal vs. Gaffney in the fantasy playoffs