Box Score Tonight: Week Sixteen/Christmas Edition

So I'm a Jew. I'm proud to admit that. But it's because of my religion that I don't really know much about Christmas. OK, I mean I am an American so I'm not a complete fool about the tradition, but I'm drawing a blank when it comes Christmas song satires or pop culture Christmas references. I mean I could go with the cop out, easy "It's a wonderful life in Arizona" or something like that, but I'm trying too hard to unstick my tongue from this cold pole. I originally tried to start off with with a parody to "Twas the night before Christmas" but it didn't work. I was then trying to think of other sings and whatnot and my mind was just not giving me anything.

But despite my religion handicap, my girlfriend is Christian so I did end up spending a lovely evening celebrating Christmas. Unfortunately for all ten of you GOI fans, I was unable to watch this game- but I'm sure not many people outside of Dallas did. And it's a shame because after driving home in a blizzard- I saw the highlights on Sportscenter and the stats of the scroll at the bottom of ESPN and it made me regret not being able to watch this game. In fact, one of my gf's cousins said "Hey, I think there's some football on." I asked who was playing. He told me it was Dallas versus Arizona. I said "PSH! Who wants to watch that game? Dallas is going to destroy the Cardinals." Oh, how wrong I was. We'll begin just as soon as I miss an extra point to essentially lose the game.

- The Cardinals upset the Cowboys 27-26 thanks to a missed extra point with 1:41 minutes go to and a Jay Feely field goal with 5 seconds left in the game.
- Like I said earlier, I only saw the highlights of this game but the few times they showed Marion Barber he looked amazing (aside from the few times he slipped and fell on the sidelines). He has 8 carries for 58 yards (7.3 YPC) and Dallas' sole rushing TD. Felix Jones got 16 carries with a pretty good 4.8 YPC and Tashard Choice got 4 carries with an average 4.0 YPC.
- Old Man Rivers-Kitna gets knocked out of this game. He's an old man so guess what injury he had? Yep, a bad hip. He was pretty ineffective in the first half with his 53.1 passer rating. Both of his interceptions were returned for touchdowns (one of which was done by one half of my favorite NFL relative duo Antonio Rodgers-Cromartie). 3rd stringer Stephen McGee was pretty darn effective with his 102.8 passer rating, 1 TD (which should have been at LEAST a game tie-er) and no interceptions.
- Miles Austin returns to the 2009 version of himself leading all receivers in this game with 115 yards (but a pretty ineffective 6 receptions on 13 targets) and the "game tying" touchdown. Jason Witten catches 8 out his 11 targets for a measly 45 yards and Kitna's sole receiving touchdown.
- John Skleton isn't good enough. Oh wait, I need to finish that sentence. I could go with "to be an NFL quarterback" or "to pleasure his wife" but I'm not THAT mean (but I mean, come on, I AM a blogger so I'm pretty mean). But what I meant to say is "to get the ball to Larry Fitzgerald". Fitzy only catches one of his three targets for 26 yards. Some no namer named Andre Roberts catches 5 out of his 9 targets for 110 yards and Skelton's only TD.
- Speaking of Skelton: 44 completion percentage, 82.6 passer rating, 1/0 TD/INT ratio. Hooray for your back up being Derek Anderson without the turnovers! At least it's a start.
- Beanie Wells and Tim Hightower have such bad numbers that Santa will want to put coal in their stockings (Oooh! At least I got one good reference in there)

And we... aRE... OUT!