Box Score Tonight: Football/ MNF Edition

  • I know there are Jets fans that read GOI, and while I appreciate your reading, I'm sorry but I have to bash your offense. The Jets remind me of the preseason Seattle Mariners: looked like the best defense in the league but a huge question mark on how the team will put points on the board. Let's hope the Jets don't end up with the same winning percentage as the Seattle Mariners.
  • Matt Leinart got criticized for being Captain Checkdown yet Mark Sanchez is awesome! What? Even when he needed to drive 70 yards downfield for a game winning drive, he checked down to is TE /RB.
  • Sanchez put up awful numbers at the end of the day. Less than 75 passing yards, no TDs or INTs, a 3.5 YPA, and a passer rating of 56.4. Even Derek Anderson threw a TD.
  • Not only did L.T. LOOK good, he led all NY backs in yards (62) and carries (11). He also had a great 5.6 YPC. He also was 2nd among all passers in targets (4) and yards (16) and t-first in receptions (2).
  • Shonn Grenne (6) got half as many total touches as L.T. (13) and looked awful.
  • Jericho Cotchery leads all New York receivers in yards with 18.
  • Jets third down conversions: 1 for 11
  • There were times when Joe Flacco looked amazing and times when he missed wide open receivers (like in the end zone to Le'Ron McClain). He ended up with 248 yards, no TDs, one INT, and a really bad 52.6% completion percentage. I'm still not worried about him.
  • In the preseason I was wondering how anybody would be able to throw on the Jets. I got my answer last night: throw it up against Antonio Cromartie and get a pass interference penalties along with destroying the Jets rookies and safeties. Still no one was able to throw on Darrell Revis.
  • Surprisingly an opponent's #1 wide out has a great game against the Jets. Anquan Boldin gets 7 catches on 10 targets for 110 yards.
  • Ray Rice does nothing. The Jets run defense looked AMAZING. Rice's final numbers: 43 yards on 21 carries with his longest play being 7 yards. He also catches 2 passes on 4 targets for 19 yards.
  • Despite Rice clearly being the #1 back in Baltimore and ending up with -2 yards on 6 carries, Willis McGahee gets the goal line carries and the lone TD of the game
  • Todd Heap gets 6 catches on 11 targets and although it looked like Housh was far more involved in the game, T.J. Who's-Your-Mama gets 1 catch for 27 yards on 4 targets.
  • Kansas City defeated San Diego 21-14. If only some intelligent, handsome young man had predicted KC to do well in the AFC West and win at home. Oh wait…
  • This just in, Jamaal Charles is awesome. 92 yards on 11 carries and a TD (along with a 56 yard TD run in the first quarter).
  • Both Charles and Thomas Jones got 11 carries in the game. Jones' average: 3.5. Charles' average: 8.4. For fantasy purposes: I now have to put Charles in the Jonathan Stewart category- might only get 12-15 carries a game, but can easily get 100 yards and a TD with those carries.
  • I thought T.J. was a dumb signing when K.C. got him and Charles needs to get 20 carries a game
  • Matt Cassel does his best Mark Sanchez impression: 10 for 22 with 68 yards. At least Cassel got a TD with his no interceptions.
  • Dwayne Bowe gets five targets. Chris Chambers, Dexter McCluster, and TE Tony Moeaki each get 4. Moeki gets the TD. If you saw how many passing yards Cassel got, you can guess how many yards each receiver caught for.
  • Ryan Matthews gets 19 carries but only nets 75 yards and an early fumble
  • From watching the game I thought Darren Sproles was a lot more involved in the game. But he ended up with five carries (for 3 yards) and two catches on three targets for two yards.
  • Legedu Naanee, not Malcolm Floyd, got over 100 receiving yards (110) and a TD (5 receptions on 8 targets.) However Floyd by far away led the team in targets (12) and was targeted twice in the red zone at the end of the game to try and win it. However he pulled his best Larry Fitzgerald impression and only got 3 receptions, but minus the TD.
  • No need to mention Philip Rivers and Antonio Gates. Both are awesome and really good at football. 'Nuff said.


Dmitry said...

I think ranking Sanchez as the 29th best QB was overrating him

He's jay cutler without the yards and TDs

Cubsfan4evr said...

You can tell you really missed football season Sexy Rexy.

Anonymous said...

Our offense deserves to get hammered after that miserable performance. The D can be as good as it wants to be, but if we cant score, we aren't going to win anything. This season is in dire straits if we lose to NE this weekend...