Box Score Tonight: Football/ MNF Edition

I may get to the late games, but since I actually have other responsibilities besides blogging (A shocker, right?), my chances of getting to it are very slim. Plus my internet not working in my apartment does help anything either. Anyways, onto the Saints/ 49ers game

- Illinois jerk off alert: Pierre Thomas has an awful game. he's getting the touches he deserves (18 carries and 8 catches on just as many targets). On the ground he only averaged 2.6 YPC but he makes it up (sort of) with his 57 receiving yards
- I was a big believer in the Madden Curse and made sure to stay away from Brew Drees. So far my confirmation bias has come true and Brees has been the 12th best QB this year. Now there's PLENTY of time for me to be proven wrong, but I will continue to be down on him until otherwise shown. He still ended up the day with a 108.9 passer rating, 2 TDs with no interceptions, and a 73.7% completion percentage, but I'm not convinced he's the same Drew Bress from the past couple of years.
- Reggie Bush gets injured in this game. In other news: I like football. I like the man's talent (duh!) and he showed me last year he cans core TDs on offense, but he's only averaging 12 games per season from '07-'09.
- Marques Colston (tied with Thomas) led all Saints receivers in targets (8) and yards (67). He's clearly the Saints number one guy and will be better for fantasy purposes.
- I don't know if we'll know who the Saints' #2 receiver will be until probably Week Eight. Jeremy Shockey and Reggie Bush get 5 targets (and were 3rd and 4th respectively in yards among NO receivers), Devery Henderson is 5th in yards, and Robert Meachum gets only one target for zero yards.
- Just like everyone at ESPN has said: I give Alex Smith mad props for his late inning TD drive. He put up similar numbers to Brees from a yards and completion percentage stand point, but he got picked off twice with only one TD.
- Frank Gore is just a monster. Like Scully or the Boogieman. He got 112 yards on 20 carries (just like an elite back should) and 56 receiving yards on 7 receptions (9 targets). He also had a receiving and rushing TD. He also fumbled (just like another elite RB *cough* AD *cough*).
- Back up RB Anthony Dixon got a rushing TD as well, but from the highlights it looks like it was a fluke (esque) because Gore had just rattled off a long run short of a TD and needed a break. 99 times out of 100 Gore gets the goal line TD carry.
- Vernon Davis leads all 49er receivers in yards (78) for the second week in a row. take lessons Greg Olson!
- Michael Crabtree doesn't do a whole lot for a second week in a row: 3 targets, 1 catch, 32 yards.
- And we... are... OUT! I wonder how many people will really get this reference.


Anonymous said...

jim rome?

Dmitry said...

close..oh so close

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hmmm . . . t-rog?

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I recommend everyone listen to a podcast with TBO and Sery Rexy