TBO Fantasy Baseball Med School League

Yours truly TBO is represented by the neon green line and it beautifully documents my journey to first place. After not managing the team until mid may, I have been tweaking my team in just the perfect ways to get back to first place. I was down nearly 40 points to my buddy Mitchell when the summer began, but have finally caught up to him this morning! In fact, I have made some very bold adds/drops on this team to specifically add to my stolen base and average totals. Something I probably wouldn't do in our GOI fantasy leagues because there is actual money on the line. Hopefully I can use some of the strategies I learned in this league to take down the "expert league" in the coming years.

Just like Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer have done, I wish to one day win the grand slam of fantasy sports. Win the snake draft/auction draft baseball, auction draft football, and snake draft GOI basketball league, preferably in the same calendar year. I am The 'Bright' One. How do I not have any championship rings yet!?


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