I Stabbed A Man In The Heart

And so did Wellington Castillo apparently. I guess that's one way to guarantee a spot on the roster. First Colvin, now Soto is having season ending shoulder surgery, jezz this guy wont stop. But seriously, a very scary situation in yesterday's 13-3 Cubs win over the Fish as Castillo's bat shattered on a double down the line, hurling the fat part of the bat like a giant dart. Of course the pointed end of the dart hits the board, and so did the pointed end of the broken bat into a unsuspecting Colvin standing at 3rd. 2 inches away from his heart the bat actually pierced his thoracic cavity. Little blood came out, as most of the vasculature transverses the neck, but he did rip a hole in his pleural space creating a pneumothorax. The pleural space has negative pressure relative to the atmosphere such that it allows the lungs to inflate like a balloon. Allowing atmospheric air into the space equilibrates the pressures making breathing kinda impossible on that side of the lung. He was taken to the Miami hospital and stabilized overnight. Colvin is apparently recovering nicely, though his baseball season is certainly over.

This marks the first time I have seen a player hit with the pointed edge of the bat. Bats shatter multiple times a game, and often go flying into the stands where people are either drunk or not playing attention. It's really scary to think what would have happened if the bat flew a couple inches higher. The neck has no ribs to protect it, such that the vascular and neurological damage it would have caused makes me nauseous at the thought alone

It reminds of me another freakish injury. Yes, the injury is epic, but not as epic as the analysis