Box Score Tonight: Week One/ Late Games Edition

  • Derek Anderson sucks. He only completed a little under 54% of his passes. This is the career of Derek Anderson folks.
  • I'm legitimately starting to worry about Larry Fitzgerald. He can't get a touchdown EVERY week to mask his 3 catches for 43 yards
  • Finally, ONE of my fantasy sleepers that I own does well. Steve Breaston has a monster game: 7 catches for 132 yards.
  • Beanie Wells doesn't play, I'm assuming injury. Wells was extremely injury prone in college and guess what, he'll probably be injury prone in the pros. Tim Hightower does a fine job starting with his 4.3 YPC on only 13 carries- plus a TD
  • Arizona had 7 fumbles in the game: 2 each by Anderson and Hightower. I guess they're taking tips from Vince Young and AD. Some no name wide out on the Cardinals (Max Komar) only caught 2 catches on 3 targets but had three fumbles. Way to earn your spot on the team.
  • Sam Bradford was asked to do a lot: 55 attempts. It's St. Louis so I'm guessing they're going to ask him to throw a lot to try and make up for the fact that they're losing 21-0 by the half. Bradford had an average completion percentage (58.1) but 3 INTs to go along with only one touchdown.
  • Mark Clayton heard from his brother Michael that a political investigation/thriller was going on about him but if he has a monster game, the investigation will stop. I guess it's gonna stop because Clayton catches 11 passes for 119 yards on sixteen targets.
  • Because I masturbate to all 3 Illini alums in the pros, TE Michael Hoowoomadwefdbwqehjwqehfdwi catches one pass for 8 yards.
  • Stephen Jackson had a disappointing 3.7 YPC
  • I think Pete Carrol is cheating in the pros as well. The Seahawks pull off a monster win against the 49ers 31-6
  • So far the Seattle RB job is not Forsett's. He got 7 carries, Julius Jones got 8, Leon Washington got 6. Forsett was by far the better RB with 6.1 YPC. Jones and Washington got 2.3 and 2.0 respectively. Forsett was the only back to get any receptions (3).
  • Trendy sleeper Mike Williams led all Seahawks wide outs in yards (64), targets (6), and receptions (4). But only "Deion's" get touchdowns. Deion Branch and Deon Butler each catch one.
  • Frank Gore decided to pull a Michael Turner with his 2.2 YPC. Only 38 yards on 17 carries. But he salvaged his fantasy day (especially for me) by getting 6 receptions for 45 yards.
  • Ted Ginnnnnnn Jr. (1 catch, 19 yards) had a better day than Michael Crabtree (2 catches, 12 yards)
  • Vernon Davis has the best San Fransisco receiver day: 8 catches for 73 yards.
  • For some reason Alex Smith was asked to throw it 45 times. He responded by being Alex Smith, completing a little under 58% of his passes with 2 INT and 0 TDs.
  • I loved the old school unis the Eagles were rocking today. And as TBO responded, "I love the old school Michael Vick, the Eagles were rocking today"
  • Speaking of which, Brian Cushing destroys Kevin Kolb (a la Peppers to Stafford a few hours earlier) giving Kolb a concussion and forcing him to leave the game. Vick ends up having a better passer rating than Kolb and his foe Aaron Rodgers and looked a lot better than I thought he would. Vick also led the Eagles in rushing attempts (11) and yards (103)
  • LeSean McCoy only gets 7 carries. Welcome to an Andy Reid team. McCoy also does his best Brian Westbrook impression and leads all Eagles in receptions (5) and yards (47)
  • Jason Avant (4) got just as many receptions as Jeremy Maclin and DeSean Jackson. Maclin gets the TD though. Jason Avant was the best receiver ever in my 2008 Madden team I created. No seriously, in the game I made him better than what Andre Johnson is in real life.
  • Aaron Rodgers puts up really bad numbers: 19 for 31 for only 188 yards and had just as many TDs as INTs: 2.
  • Greg Jennings finally catches a TD pass (and he was WIDE open on the play, just like Jenna Jameson). He also had 10 targets, 5 receptions, and 82 yards. Old man Donald Driver also catches a TD pass.
  • As if Cubsfan's GOI fantasy team didn't take enough of a hit with Kevin Kolb getting injured, Ryan Grant also leaves the game after an impressive 5.6 YPC on 8 carries. Brandon Jackson fills in getting 63 yards on 18 carries. Full back John Kuhn gets the TD run.
  • Trendy sleeper TE Jermichael Finley has an average day: 4 receptions for 47 yards.
  • Washington pulls off the upset beating Dallas 13-7.
  • Marion Barber and Felix Jones have essentially identical rushing numbers. Both had 8 carries. Barber got 39 yards. Jones got 38. Neither had a TD. Tashard Choice gets 5 carries. It's still a cluster fuck at the RB position.
  • For anyone who doubted Miles Austin because you were dumb and thought "Oh, he only put up pro bowl numbers in 13 games and that's it" then you were proven wrong today. On 11 targets, Austin catches 10 of them for 143 yards and the lone TD of the game for either offense. I guess you don't have to be an overrated back up and can actually have talent to date Kim Kardashian.
  • Dez Braynt led all Cowboys receivers in targets (12) and was their second best receiver behind Austin.
  • Clinton Portis is the #1 back in Washington. He got 18 carries but a meager 3.5 YPC to go along with it.
  • Santana Moss and Chris Cooley each get 9 targets and 6 receptions. Cooley led all Redskins receivers with 80 yards and Moss was second with 77.
  • I guess Donovan McNabb can't focus without an entire city being pissed at him and yelling racial slurs at him. His line: 15 for 32 with 171 yards and zero touchdowns or interceptions.


Dmitry said...

Some notes:

Fitzgerald caught 3 of 15 targets. He could have done that with matt leinart i'm sure

I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess that Max Komar is white

Dont be surprised by the RB situation in seattle. Carroll is the same guy who on 4th and 1 to seal the championship and keep vince young from ever getting a chance to lead a game winning drive, ran Big Fat Lendale White instead of the Heisman..err..former Heisman winner Reggie Bush

So Miles Austin isnt going to be this years Ben Zobrist

Don't hate on the Calvin Johnson play. The Pats dynasty began with the "Tuck Game". This could be our game

Sexy Rexy said...

Komar is white

And the "Tuck Rule" game is the exact thing I also thought of when that play occurred.

Cubsfan4evr said...

On all of my fantasy teams I have Kevin Kolb as my starting QB. On two of them I have Hasslebeck as my backup and on one of them I have no backup! Still early, but now with the QB controversy in Philly with Vick this is not good for me in fantasy. Kolb did not look good before his injury, but they kept mixing it up with Vick before Kolb left the game which makes it hard for a young QB to find his rhythm.

Ryan Grant going down with an injury too and Kolb being out killed me in fantasy this week. I may pull one win out shockingly being against TBO's loaded team. My other two teams, done! Time to regroup for next week.

Sexy Rexy said...

I'm tellin you Cubsfan, pick up Michael Vick.

Cubsfan4evr said...

Is Michael Vick better than Matt Hasslebeck? I don't know who is better. I think Hasslebeck could have a decent season, but not confident about that. He did look good in week one against what is supposed to be a good defense in the 49ers.

Sexy Rexy said...

You wanna talk about a good defense: Green Bay. Vick will get a lot of rushing yards which is easier to get and more beneficial to a fantasy team than receiving. Go with Vick.

The 'Bright' One said...

I love Vick so much that last night i actually considered picking him up and starting ahead of Brees. Yeah, i like him

Sexy Rexy said...

I hope ur kidding TBO, but yeah, we both are a big fan of Vick, especially is ur a Kevin Kolb owner

Cubsfan4evr said...

I am a Kolb owner so I guess I better get on finding a new Qb and maybe in the form of Vick. My onlt concern with Vick is he may not be playing in 2 weeks and what happens when his playing time is cut? I need to find a new QB again.