Derrick Rose Following Lamar Odom's Candy Fix

Lamar Odom has made it known that he eats candy before a game to give him a sugar rush which he says helps his game. It makes me skeptical that it really gives an NBA player an edge like Odom claims.

Derrick Rose told reporters at the end of last season that he loves Skittles and can eat them all the time. The Wrigley company heard of this and acted on it.

"A Skittles spokesperson said the company has been sending the candy to
Rose since his sweet tooth was exposed in several articles."

They decided to give Derrick Rose a customized Skittles machine that has:

""D. Rose" on the bottom, right corner, has a motion-activated sensor that plays
a recorded message -- perhaps taped by Rose -- when someone walks past."

He will also get a 3-year supply for the machine. Hopefully it will give him the edge like candy does for Odom. Expect to start seeing these around the Untied Center some timesoon or maybe even closer to home. I thought this machine was really cool and had to share it.


rakeback affiliate said...

Its pretty funny with all the information out there about proper diet and its impact on sports performance that an elite athlete would choose to cram massive amounts of sugar in his body like Rose is doing.