The League

If you just so happen to love "Eastbound and Down", and if you don't you may as well take GOI off your bookmarks, you will probably enjoy the sophomoric debauchery that is "The League" on FX. Based on the internet previews, I thought this was a new fall series, however much like Eastbound, it premiered for 6 episodes last year. It follows 5 friends and their friendly obsession with fantasy football, so it basically describes yours, mine, and every other guys life.

What i really wanted to discuss was season 2 premier on Thursday, where the gang goes to Vegas for their annual fantasy draft hosted by Chad Ochocinco. The guys try to gain any edge they can, like outbidding each other for a private lap dance from a stripper who has all the inside info from the ballers who frequent the club. In the end, the wife of one of the members, who runs her husbands team anyway, is not allowed to enter the league, decides to give draft hints to another member of the league, the slacker caveman from "Cavemen". The team she helps him draft is so money that Ruxin is caught "rosterbating" to the draft board. I want to decide whether his team is worthy of rosterbating and whether it is even feasible to draft him team in an even semi-competitive league

In an 8-team snake draft, with the 3rd overall position, he drafted Maurice Jones Drew, Ray Rice, Philip Rivers, Reggie Wayne, Miles Austin, Dallas Clark, Felix Jones, Eli Manning, Monterio Hardesty, Josh Cribbs, Vikings D, Chris Cooley, Jerrious Norwood, and Jason Hanson.

Yeah, that team would make me rosterbate too based on the first 8 picks alone


Sexy Rexy said...

Way to give away the Season 2 premiere when most people didn't know Season 1 existed

I just saw the first 2 episodes of Season One, freaking hysterical. On par with Eastbound and Down. Might even be funnier.

Sexy Rexy said...

I just saw all 7 episodes

1. what a pansy league- 8 teams, std scoring
2. how did you figure out all the players on Ruxin's team
3. I'm gonna say it, this show might be funnier than Eastbound And Down

The 'Bright' One said...

1) and 3 teams autopick every year. they should be men and auction

2) being home this weekend, i recorded the season opener and watched it in HD. Amazing the tiny text you can see perfectly in HD while ruxin is rosterbating

3) yeah, but you need like 7 characters to match one kenny powers.

Why cant all shows be like the league, E&D, and louie?