Forbes NFL Team Valuations

Last week Forbes evaluated the value of each NFL franchise heading into the 2010-2011 season and showed the public how much each team is worth. I could break down each team and provide in depth analysis, but who would be kidding with me breaking down the economics of football. I just thought it was interesting to see where each NFL team was ranked and wanted to share it with you if you haven't see this story yet.

Here are the rankings according to the article by Forbes:
1 Dallas Cowboys
2 Washington Redskins
3 New England Patriots
4 New York Giants
5 Houston Texans
6 New York Jets
7 Philadelphia Eagles
8 Baltimore Ravens
9 Chicago Bears
10 Denver Broncos
11 Indianapolis Colts
12 Carolina Panthers
13 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
14 Green Bay Packers
15 Cleveland Browns
16 Miami Dolphins
17 Pittsburgh Steelers
18 Tennessee Titans
19 Seattle Seahawks
20 Kansas City Chiefs
21 New Orleans Saints
22 San Francisco 49ers
23 Arizona Cardinals
24 San Diego Chargers
25 Cincinnati Bengals
26 Atlanta Falcons
27 Detroit Lions
28 Buffalo Bills
29 St Louis Rams
30 Minnesota Vikings
31 Oakland Raiders
32 Jacksonville Jaguars

A few of the teams that stood out to me as being surprisingly high were: Washington Redskins at number 2, Houston Texans at 5, Baltimore Ravens at 8, Carolina Panthers at 12, and Cleveland Browns at 15. It was good to see these franchises so high.

Some of the teams I was surprised to be so low for the market or success of the team was Chicago Bears at 9, Green Bay Packers at 14, Pittsburgh Steelers at 17, Tennessee Titans at 18, Arizona Cardinals at 23, San Diego Chargers at 24, and the most shocking was the Minnesota Vikings at number 30! These teams I would have expected to be higher.

The Chicago Bears at number 9 had to be the most disappointing and I am not saying that as a Bears fan. Chicago is one of the biggest markets and it doesn't have two teams like New York. For these two reasons it should be higher. Thus, it should be in the top 3, or the top 5 to say the least.

Other great teams and storied franchises like the Green Bay Packers, Pittsburgh Steelers, San Diego Chargers, and Minnesota Vikings I would have thought to be much higher.

If you go to the article you can click on a team and read more about the appraisal for the team.