Cubsfan4evr Fantasy Football Advice: Wide Receivers

Now with the Game Of Inches fantasy draft done I can follow in the footsteps of "Sexy Rexy" and post my football advice which I am following in my drafts. I have worked hard to come up with my strategies and list of players to target that I think will have good seasons better than where they’re going, and of course a list of "value picks" for deeper leagues. I say "value picks" because what is a sleeper anymore. Any good fantasy football player has the same sleepers if they do their homework. That is why I came out with my strategy of targeting specific players that I think are good value where they are going in the draft. I have already given my fantasy football advice on running backs a few days ago and then did another article on runningbacks to target that will get the ball so now on to my receivers to target and my "value picks" at receiver.

I typically like to target receivers early in a draft. If I get a top 5 pick then you have to take a running back. If your first round pick is after the 6th pick then I would consider taking a receiver in the first round in Andre Johnson. He is a stud and the best receiver by a wide margin.

The two things I initially think about when evaluating a wide receiver are the talent of the receiver and the quarterback of his respected team with the offense. Let’s take a look at some of the top receivers projected this season: Andre Johnson, Randy Moss, Reggie Wayne, and Miles Austin. All of them have a top QB which makes them in a position to succeed. Ranked 4 to 6 are: Calvin Johnson, Brandon Marshall, and Roddy White respectively. All three of these guys are very good, but has unknowns throwing them the ball. Calvin Johnson has a 2nd year QB in Matthew Stafford who still has a lot to prove and the same goes for Chad Henne to Brandon Marshall. Roddy White has Matt Ryan and it looks like his rookie season (Ryan's) was a fluke. With that said all three are still good, but limited to a degree by their QB. Because of the unproveness of their QB I am personally going to stay away from Brandon Marshall and Calvin Johnson. Both are going to have very good seasons, but there are better safer early picks where you should get more value for your return.

Here is a list of the top 15 WR according to Yahoo standard scoring and my take on them:

1. Andre Johnson-A great talent with a great QB as long as Matt Schaub stays healthy.

2. Randy Moss-Some issues at the end of last year but will be fine and repeat last year's numbers.

3. Reggie Wayne-A stud receiver on a great offense. Safest pick besides for Andre Johnson.

4. Calvin Johnson-Why gamble if he will stay healthy and if his QB will develop?

5. Brandon Marshall-New team that hasn't thrown the ball much in recent years. Chad Henne is an unproven so why risk it.

6. Roddy White-A beast who could easily be a top 3 receiver, even with Matt Ryan. Big fan of White who is the real deal.

7. Miles Austin- He has a good QB, and the best option on that team.

8. Larry Fitzgerald-With Kurt Warner spending his retirement on "Dancing with the Stars" Larry's stock drops a lot with Derek Anderson trying to get him the ball. Anderson likes throwing deep so better him at the helm over Leinart, but a big loss because of Anderson's lack of accuracy. He should still get 1.000 yards and some TD from the deep ball.

9. DeSean Jackson- I think his health could be a big concern, but when healthy a stud.

10. Greg Jennings- My favorite receiver this year after Johnson, Moss, and Wayne. He has dropped to 9 after last year's disappointing season, but he is a young dynamic receiver (and only one) in a pass happy offense with my favorite QB. His yards were pretty good last year and that should go up with his TD which you can't predict.

11. Steve Smith (Caronlina)- Could be underrated because of run happy offense, inexperienced QB, and healthy issues he is recovering from.

12. Marques Colston- Would be higher if they didn't pass the ball around so much.

13. Anquan Boldin- Health concern so I would avoid. High risk, high rewards.

14. Steve Smith (Giants)- A safe pick if you missed out on guys I like going before him.

15. Chad Ochocinco- His best days are way beyond him. Better younger options going much later.

Here are the receivers I am targeting early on from the above group:

  1. Andre Johnson
  2. Randy Moss
  3. Reggie Wayne
  4. Roddy White
  5. Miles Austin
  6. Greg Jennings
  7. Marques Colston
  8. Steve Smith (Giants)

These are the safest Wide Receivers to anchor your team with in my opnion. Greg Jennings going 9th among receivers is my boy who I think will have a monster year and love his value for where he is going. If you miss out on a top 6 RB go WR and get 2 from the above list with Jennings completing one of: Johnson, Moss, Wayne, White, or Austin. If you got a RB with your first pick or two then get Jennings with some receivers going much later. After the above eight WR are off the board here are my favorite WR going later.

Here are some Wide receivers I like a lot going later:

  1. Michael Crabtree-Shaky QB, but great upside for how late he is going.
  2. Jeremy Maclin-Best value WR. He is going to be a high level number two option in my opnion.
  3. Mike Wallace
  4. Devin Aromashodu
  5. Jacoby Jones
  6. Kenny Britt
  7. Mohamed Massaquoi
  8. Bernard Berrian

These are my value Wide Receivers of great value for where there going. Jeremy Maclin is going to be a stud and a steal for where he is going in the draft. Mike Wallace is another late flyer who is the number two guy now in Pitt and will be even better in a few weeks when Big Ben comes back. He would be a great backup receiver. Mohamed Massaquoi is another late flyer to take one of your last picks with. He should emerge as the number one option there and be a decent bye week plug in with more upside. Try to snag as many of these guys as possible.
That is my take on Fantasy wide Receivers this season.


Sexy Rexy said...

a) You don't need to keep putting quotation marks every time you spell my name

b) I guess I should do my WR rankings with little to no research (non PPR leagues). Also with the benefit of seeing most Week One games

1. Andre Johnson
2. Randy Moss
3. Miles Austin
4. Roddy White
5. Reggie Wayne
6. Greg Jennings
7. Brandon Marshall
8. Calvin Johnson
9. Steve Smith (NYG)
10. Larry Fitzgerald
11. Wes Welker
12. Anquan Boldin
13. Marques Colston
14. Steve Smith (CAR)
15. Chad Ochocinco
16. Dwayne Bowe
17. DeSean Jackson
18. Mike Wallace
19. Hines Ward
20. Jeremy Maclin
21. Malcolm Floyd
22. Devin Aromashodu
23. Percy Harvin
24. Devery Henderson/ whoever the Saints #2 receiver is
25. Donald Driver
26. Steve Breaston
27. Michael Crabtree
28. Pierre Garcon
29. Johnny Knox
30. Brandon Lloyd
31. Mike Sims-Walker
32. Hakeem Nicks
33. Lee Evans
34. Batman (T.O.)
35. Kevin Walter
36. Nate Washington
37. Braylon Edwards
38. Derrick Mason
39. Mike Clayton
40. Dez Bryant