Who Gives The Best Fantasy Football Advice?

Besides Game of Inches of course.

In all seriousness, there are so many blogs and sites giving away fantasy football advice like Planned Parenthood gives out condoms. However, sometimes you get what you pay for. Sometimes you should have spent the extra fifteen bucks and bought Trojans from Walgreens instead out trusting the handful you got from PP. Sometimes it works out to be cheap. So out of the many sites that exist, which site works best?

Well two great friends of GOI (FFSpin and Fantasy Pros) have tried to answer that very same question.

FFSpin has partnered with Fantasy Focus Crystal Ball to determine which sites did the best job ranking players. You can see their results every Wednesday at the Fantasy Joe's section at USA Today. They determined that the top five websites for giving out fantasy advice in 2009 were:

1. Yahoo!
3. FFCafe
4. FFToday
5. FFToolbox

Fantasy Pros has an accuracy page where they rank each individual fantasy sports writer's predictions and how they did per positions every week. They also ranked how the individual fantasy sports writers did last year. Besides clicking on the link to see the full results, here is a brief overview of their results:

1. Andy Behrens – Yahoo! Sports
2. Pat Fitzmaurice – Pro Football Weekly
3. Brandon Funston – Yahoo! Sports
4. Gregg Rosenthal – Rotoworld
5. David Dodds – FootballGuys

Running Backs
1. David Dodds – FootballGuys
2. Sigmund Bloom – FootballGuys
3. R.J. White – FanHouse
4. Pat Fitzmaurice – Pro Football Weekly
5. Erik Kuselias – ESPN

Wide Receiver
1. Brandon Funston – Yahoo! Sports
2. Gregg Rosenthal – Rotoworld
3. Pat Fitzmaurice – Pro Football Weekly
4. Andy Behrens – Yahoo! Sports
5. Scott Pianowski – Yahoo! Sports

1. Brandon Funston – Yahoo! Sports
2. Andy Behrens – Yahoo! Sports
3. Scott Pianowski – Yahoo! Sports
4. Gregg Rosenthal – Rotoworld
5. Staff – FantasyFootball.com

Tight Ends
1. Gregg Rosenthal – Rotoworld
2. Staff – FFToolbox
3. Eric Karabell – ESPN
4. Scott Engel – RotoExperts
5. Brad Evans – Yahoo! Sports

So overall who gave the best fantasy football advice in 2009? Yahoo! Whodathunkit. This year I'm putting myself in the running to see how well I stack up to these so called "experts".