Box Score Tonight: Week Eight/Late Games Edition

I feel like I haven't done a late games edition in a while. I'll begin as soon as I get this safety to start off the game.

- I love six team bye weeks. Not for my fantasy team, but for my BST's.
- San Diego starts their eight game winning streak by defeating Tennessee on the road 33-25
- A week after Kenny Britt wins a game by himself he gets zero catches on one target. The Titans hero this week was Nate Washington: 117 yards and a TD. Even with his measly 44% catch rate
- I don't know why but Kerry Collins had 15 attempts to Vince Young's 21. Young was BY FAR the most productive QB. Young started the game and had a TD in the fourth quarter. I'm too lazy to read through the game log but my assumption is that he got injured in the middle of the game and then came back.
- I feel like I say this every week at this point- Chris Johnson had another average game: 59 yards on 15 carries. With CJ along with Ray Rice, Michael Turner, Ryan Matthews, Shonn Greene and a touch of Andre Johnson and Randy Moss, my guess is that you're extremely upset at your first and/or second round draft pick.
- Speaking of Ryan Matthews he performed well for you this week considering of what you now expect of him. Mike Tolbert is now becoming the better back though as they both get TDs but Tolbert gets more rushing yards on 4 less carries. Darren Sproles got a receiving TD.
- Every time Antonio Gates gets a TD, an angel gets his wings. Not quite as catchy, but true nonetheless. No other Bolts receiver really did anything special.
- For some reason I thought Seattle was a good team, but I forgot the caveat of "when they're at home". They lose to Oakland in Oakland 3-33.
- Matt Hasselbeck must have been daydreaming about having sex with his brother's super hot wife with his 43.8 passer rating. Needless to say this was a down week for Mike Williams (1/5, 27 yards)
- Marshawn Lynch (9) gets four more carries than Leon Washington and Justin Forsett (4) yet was 3rd on his team in rushing yards. Washington was first today with his staggering 28. Lynch had a 0.8 YPC this week.
- By law (450 F3d 560) Jason Campbell is allowed three good days a year. His first one came this week: 15/27, 310 yards, 2 TD, 0 INT
- Mea culpa. I was wrong on Darren Mcfadden. DEAD wrong mwahahaha! Run DMC gets 111 yards on 21 carries (5.3 YPC). On Michael Bush's 9 carries he gets 51 yards and a TD (5.7 YPC)
- Darrius Heyward-Bey finally acts like the #1 picked wide out he wasn't supposed to be: only 5 for 9 but 105 yards and a TD. He also got a 30 yard run. Lewis Murphy must be injured because he didn't get a target.
- For all of you who had heard the name "Chazz Schilens" and actually mock drafted him- you were dumb
- Some guy named Marcel Reece got 32 rushing yards, 90 passing yards (3/4) and a receiving TD.
- Tom Brady's hair (and his running game) defeats the Minnesota Vikings 28-18.
- I knew Brett Favre would start but I didn't think he'd be halfway productive and play 3+ quarters. He left the game after what looked like a Pats dislocated Favre's jaw. That's what I get for ranking Tavaris Jackson and not Favre.
- Percy Harvin has just been a beast since the Randy Moss trade. Moss has just been a little pencil troll since his trade. That's why we have bye weeks folks.
- Adrian Peterson was just average to above average: 92 yards on 25 carries and a rushing TD. His longest run was only 9 yards. Although a pretty good first round fantasy draft considering he's seemingly having a down year for him.
- The week I actually jumped off the Brandon Tate bandwagon and hopped on the Deion Branch one. The Branch wagon gets lost on the Oregon Trail and everyone gets cholera. Tate: 3/4, 101 yards, TD. Branch: 1/3 with 21 yards.
- The Pats run game and their awesome old-school-red-jerseys-with-the-dude-in-the-3-point-stance-on-their-helmet dominate this game. The Law Firm of BenJarvis Green-Ellis gets 112 yards and 2 TDs on 17 carries. Danny Woodhead also gets a rushing TD (11 touches in the game).
- I stream defenses in the 14 team GOI league. When the Pats/Viks (I'm too lazy to spell out the actual teams names but not lazy enough to write this verbose sentence explaining myself) game ended, the Tampa Bay/ Arizona game came on. I got scared when I saw the score was 31-35 Arizona because I picked up the Tampa Bay defense. But then I found out the Bucs had two defensive TDs and the world was right again. What also made the world right again is that LaGarrette Blount got a TD run with 5:13 left to play (after an amazing 53 yard bomb to Illinois alum Regis Benn) so that Tampa Bay won 38-35
- Every time I see the end of Tampa Bay games I always see Josh Freeman winning it for them. Last week he got a TD pass to Cadillac Williams as time expired. He does it again this week with his 121.8 passer rating. Freeman only has three interceptions on the year and hasn't thrown one in his past three games. He's thrown a TD in his past three games.
- Blount punches his way into the endzone twice along with his 120 yards on 22 carries (5.5 YPC)
- Please send me your LaGarrette Blount "punching" puns and axioms (as I'm running out of material) to I need to stop using Blount as a punching bag I guess.
- Rookie Mike Williams gets 105 yards on four receptions (6 targets) and Freeman's TD.
- Both Derek Anderson and Max Hall have a 1/2 TD/INT ratio today. Anderson had a 77.4 passer rating. Hall had a 43.5. Hell, Matt Leinart could have done THAT!
- For some reason Derek Anderson can't hit the blind side of a barn (or Larry Fitzgerald) but he can hit Steve Breaston no problem. Breaston has 82.5 yards/game. Fitz has 57.6. What's wrong with that picture? Breaston gets 147 yards on 8 catches (11 targets). Just my luck I didn't start him in fantasy.
- Fits does get 2 TDs today- one from Anderson and one from Hall
- On 12 less carries (4 to 16). The Accounting Firm (apparently The Law Firm is already taken) of LaRod Stephens-Howling gets nine less yards (41 to 50) than Beanie Wells. LSH had a 10.3 YPC. Wells's was 3.1.

I hope you got a big trunk, because I plan on putting my bike in it! Let's go!


Dmitry said...

Let me get this straight

Viks only had to give up a 3rd for Moss, yet the bears paid a 2nd for gaines adams!? and we did this knowing we were going to offer peppers 100 billion dollars. and then we give mark anderson away for free? really?? he has NO value as an asset? i'm sure 16 teams would pay to get mark anderson, but the texans got him for free.

a 2nd round pick could probably get you a 10 year o-lineman, but who needs those anyway when you got the studs the bears do

Sexy Rexy said...

do the Texans have both Wale AND Mark Anderson?

Has anyone every praised the Bears for being a good organization? They blow. They just fucking blow.