Box Score Tonight: Week Six/ Night Games Edition

Because I have enough time on my hands to do an extra game (I was just going to do MNF) but not enough time to do all the afternoon games. Even though I had time to write BST for the early games on Sunday I did not have time to/ did not care to watch the Sunday and Monday night football games. But all sports are played/ analyzed on paper and there's no need to EVER watch a game. Although I also didn't have time to watch the Mad Men season 4 finale so what does that tell ya?

- Indianapolis Colts defeated the Washington Redskins 27-24. A lot closer game that anyone thought, but did anybody realistically expect the Colts not to win this game? Of course they would.
- My number one fantasy sleeper of 2010 was this QB named Peyton Manning. He's so far doing amazing things. I think he could be a pro bowler someday. Maybe even go into the Hall of Fame. But let's not dream TOO big here.
- Pierre Garcon was this week's Manning lotto winner getting the most yards (103) and a TD while getting less targets and receptions that Collie, Wayne, and Clark.
- Dallas Clark just saw his 19th specialist today to tell him he can't play for the rest of the year. With him and Jermichael Finley out of the rest of the year and Gates now hurt, my $11 overbid for Tony Gonzalez doesn't look so bad. And there he goes. Probably. With my luck and pessimistic attitude.
- I don't know if you're aware of Joseph Addai's career but sometimes he'll have amazing games and sometimes he'll just take a poop on the field and then leave. Sunday's game was the former getting 128 yards on 17 carries (7.5 YPC) and a TD.
- Mike Hart gets a significant amount of carries (11) and gets a decent 43 yards (3.9 YPC) out of it.
- Donovan McNabb is Donovan McNabb is Alex Smith. 67.5 passer rating 1/2 TD/INT ratio, with 246 yards.
- I'm singing in the Torrain. Ryan Torrain gets 100 yards in 20 carries (5.0 YPC) and 2 TDs. This is what I expect every running back to do. Seriously. If you think you deserve to start, you need to get at least 100 yards if you get 20 carries in a game. (Maybe the TWO touchdowns is a tad high, but you get my drift)
- The yards look exactly how you would expect the yards to fall on Washington's side: 1) Moss 2) Armstrong 3) Cooley 4) Fred Davis.
- Speaking of Cooley and Davis, although it's not in the box score I believe Cooley is out for some time and Fred Davis is a damn fine replacement. Damn damn fine
- Nobody's ever on your side Betty!
- Sleeper alert! Sleeper alert! I feel like there's a sleeper with the last name of 'Williams' on every team. Washington has Keiland who scored a receiving TD with his 4 receptions and 2 carries.
- Tennessee defeats Jacksonville 23-3. Scratch that. With 1:40 left to play, converting a FOURTH down, Chris Johnson gets a 35 yard TD so the Titans actually win 30-3.
- I don't know what to think of Fischer not only running on 4th down (instead of punting) when you have the game locked up, but having the best back in the game still on the field. I guess I'm just indifferent. I don't think that hurt CJ in the long run nor do I own CJ on any fantasy teams nor did I play against CJ in any fantasy teams. Plus I love it when coaches bring out their inner Belichick!
- Speaking of Chris Johnson, that play gave him 111 yards and a TD on 26 carries (4.3 YPC) as opposed to 76 yards on 25 carries with no TDs (3.04 YPC). FU Eric Dickerson! - We're going to play a quick game called Relevant or Irrelevant. Kenny Britt gets a receiving TD. Relevant. Bo Scaife gets a receiving TD and led all Titans receivers in receiving yards (53). Irrelevant.
- Despite my shit talk in the past of Kerry Collins. see here and here and here and here (boy did we here at GOI act like Collins was the field and we were Joseph Addai taking a crap on him- Team America style), I actually like Collins. I not only think he's a great back up, but probably a top 32 QB in this league- and he's not even starting! Hell, I'll take him over anyone Carolina is and Cleveland was shitting out so far. (You'd think I'd have to poop with all this "shitting" reference, but no). Collins completed 69% of his passes and ended up with a 108.9 passer rating. Sure, he did it with a Rich Gannon-esque dink and dump stuff (I'm guessing) but hey, whatever gets the job done. Oh bee tee dubs, Vince Young leaves this game real early and isn't expected to play in Week Eight.
- Speaking of shit, Mike Sims-Walker get 8 targets (2nd only to Mike Thomas' 9) but only catches 2 of them and was 4th in his team in receiving yards.
- I think this is actually worth noting- I sort of like Mike Thomas (maybe not as much as Davone Bess, whom I dropped Thomas for, but I like him nonetheless). He caught 8 out of his 9 passes and led his team in receiving yards (88)
- Since it was such a "treat" that the Jaguars won the Trent Edwards sweepstakes, he goes and proves his worth with his 40.3 passer rating and a 0/2 TD/INT ratio. On the plus side, he did better than David Garrard's limited work (33.0 passer rating). To add insult to injury Edwards is injured so he can't play next week. Todd Bauman, who hasn't played a single game since 2005 gets to start for Jacksonville. Was Todd Collins not available? At least he started a game in this decade. And I use the word "started" very very very loosely.
- I just finished cleaning so I'm going to take this soapbox, turn it over, and stand on it. People in the State of Florida only care about college football, the Dolphins, and now the Miami LeBrons. They don't care about the Jaguars, they don't care about the Marlins, and they most certainly don't care about the Rays. I don't care how populated that state is, they need to stop getting expansion teams. Move them to L.A., Vegas, or Oklahoma City before you even THINK about moving them to Florida. That is all.
- I officially hate Betty Draper. She was always kind of disliked but now I have joined the I Hate Betty Draper Minus Her Hotness bandwagon.
- What the hell Don Draper? I feel like there needs to be a Really!? With Seth and Amy about your actions.
- This post was unnecessarily long.
- Th-th-th-th-th-that's all folks!