Box Score Tonight: Week Four/ MNF Edition

  • Patriots destroy the Dolphins in Miami 41-14
  • All the ways the Patriots scored on Monday: Field goal, rushing TD, passing TD, kick return TD, blocked FG returned for a TD, and pick six.
  • All the ways Miami scored: passing TDs. Not as cool.
  • Brady earned his 100th win as ESPN told me this every five minutes. Even as a Boston fan I can only take Brady love so far.
  • Before this game started Keyshawn Johnson said Miami would win because they want and need this win more. I had an argument with my friend Bennett while watching this game. He says he believes in Keyshawn and that Miami does want this win more and that will help them to play better. It turns out Miami's "will to win" equated to being pancaked by the Patriots offensive line, Chad Henne making poor decisions, and putting up the worst special teams performance in recent memory.
  • I guess if the Patriots weren't so lazy and nonchalant and not really caring about this game they wouldn't have won by ONLY 27. If the Patriots wanted this win more they would have won by 50. Stupid teams not having enough emotions to win.
  • If I told you in this game one quarterback put up 302 yards and the other put up 153, which one would you have guessed? That's right! Henne is the former and Brady is the latter. Although it makes sense because the Dolphins got down early and needed to throw to make up yards. Henne also has a 2/3 TD/INT ratio versus Brady's 1/0
  • When I graduate from law school I'm actually going to name my law firm BenJarvis Green-Ellis. Or maybe Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. With Maroney traded and Kevin Faulk and Fred Taylor injured, The Law Firm gets 76 yards on 16 carries (a damn fine 4.8 YPC) and the rushing TD
  • When Danny Woodhead (a back up RB because the Patriots can't have less than five on its team apparently) scored the receiving TD. I went to Wikipedia to look up his height because he looked so short compared to EVERYONE else on the field. Now I know why: Wikipedia said his height was 5'1". It also said his weight was 600 lbs. Why is Wikipedia always right?
  • He's really 5'9"
  • Wes Welker looked amazing (8/10 for 70 yards) and Randy Moss (0/1 0 yards) did not. Maybe giving long winded speeches about your future career when you're 33 years old is not a good idea.
  • This week Ronnie Brown (11) got more carries but Ricky Williams (8) was the better back. 56 yards and a 7.0 YPC for Williams and a 27 yard 2.7 YPC night for Brown. Williams gets a receiving TD.
  • My normal starting wide outs in the 14 team GOI league are Andre Johnson and Steve Breaston. TBO criticized at the end of the draft for having crappy back ups. Well, to start this week I had Brandon Lloyd and Devone Bess. They scored 32 points between the. Bess looked amazing (9/12 for 93 yards and a TD) and I promise I'm not just saying that because he helped me dominate this week. (OK, maybe I am a little. But he did look good good as a possession receiver)
  • Brandon Marshall looked like the best coach in the game figured out a great game plan to stop him. 5/8 for 50 yards.