DME's End Of Season Awards

MVP: Josh Hamilton (TEX) -- Highest hitter WAR, despite only playing 5/6 months of the season? Yeah, he deserves it.

Cy Young:
Felix Hernandez (SEA) -- To heck with ERA and Wins. Hernandez's 2010 was better than his 2009, which was already undeniably elite.

Neftali Feliz (TEX) -- Agree with Sexy Rexy, but maybe it's because I have a deep seeded hatred for Austin Jackson.

David Price (TB)

Rolaids Reliever:
Matt Thornton (CHW) -- Sorry Joakim Soria, but Thorton was the AL's Carlos Marmol (only with better control and a few less strikeouts per nine)...

MVP: Troy Tulowitzky (COL) -- Tulo had an amazing season and his counting stats, already very good, were only truncated due to injury-limited playing time. Despite barely accruing 500 PA, he was top 10 in WAR amongst all MLB hitters. This kid deserves it, no doubt.

Cy Young:
Roy Halladay (PHI) -- You can't really dispute this one, but Lincecum was almost as good and his season will likely be overlooked due to an awful August (sadly).

Jason Heyward (ATL) -- Sure, Posey plays the more premium position and had a comparable WAR, if pro-rated. Still, Heyward had the better season. Further, Heyward, at age 20, draw 91 walks (14.6% BB%). That's top 10 in the history of baseball for players under age 21. Heyward's season was something special and this is no knock on Posey here, but Heyward was just the better player.

Tommy Hanson (ATL) -- Chalk up a +4.4 WAR for the young pitching talent. Hanson's 2010 (3.37 ERA) had a few bumps (4.04 xFIP, 7.68 K/9), but it was still the best of any NL Sophomore...including Casey McGehee (+3.7 WAR).

Rolaids Reliever:
Carlos Marmol (CHC) -- His 15.99 single season K/9 is a major league record.

*SOY = Sophomore Of The Year


Sexy Rexy said...

Tulo was top ten in WAR. You know who was #1 and better than Tulo? Joey Votto. And Albert Pujols

David "MVP" Eckstein said...

Votto and Pujols play 1B. Tulo plays SS. Tulo also did this in 122 games (+6.5 WAR).

Joey Votto's +7.4 WAR came with 130 more PA. Pujols' +7.3 WAR came with almost 200 additional PA (159 games)

Given the closeness of WAR, you have to give it to the premium position player in my eyes. ESPECIALLY when you note how bad tulo was in the first month of the season. WAR is not absolutely telling.

The 'Bright' One said...

not to go all joe morgan on you, but i cant give the mvp to the guy who put up HALF of his numbers in one month. Seriously, half came in one month. thats just not consistent

David "MVP" Eckstein said...

The only thing that he got half of in September was his home runs:

Tulo wOBA by month:
April .337,
May .423,
June .395,
injured July .341,
August .407,
September .468

FOUR healthy months of a .395+ wOBA. That's MVP buddy.