DME Must Eat His Words. Literally.

To DME's demise, the baseball season is now officially over. To the rest of the rational male world, it's the football season so who really cares what happened in the past five months.

Because the baseball season is now over, that means fantasy baseball is now over and we can officially tabulate out Board Bets for the year. Fantasy baseball-wise DME outright won GOI's snake draft league while TBO finished 3rd. Sexy Rexy got third in the GOI auction league with DME finishing 4th and TBO 5th. But more on the leagues to come later. Hopefully.

But this post is about Board Bets. And the most notable bet is one between myself and DME. We bet who would finish higher in the AL Central: White Sox or Indians. The loser of this bet would literally have to eat their words. I picked the ChiSox. DME choose Cleveland (he pulled an opposite LeBron). Needless to say DME wasn't close.

Unfortunately Eckstein and myself are not in the same state right now, but when we do, I will film him honoring out bet and post it on GOI.

But now, onto my Board Bets which I dominated against all three other GOI authors.

Sexy Rexy v. David "MVP" Eckstein

Does this mean I get to write for The Hardball Times now?

1) Will the Chicago Cubs make the playoffs?
WINNER: Sexy Rexy (No)
Cubs finished 5th in NL Central

2) Over/Under .270 BA for Bacon
WINNER: Sexy Rexy (Under)
Gordon Beckham finished the year with a .252 average

3) Over/Under .270 for DME's original GOI draft team (see Board Bet page for official players)
The total BA was .280

4) Over/Under 44.5 SB for Juan Pierre
WINNER: Sexy Rexy (Over)
Pierre led the majors with 67 swiped bags

5) Will Cole Hamels be a top 15 pitcher this year?
WINNER: Sexy Rexy (No)
Despite his brillant end of the year, he ended the year as the 20th best pitcher. Close, but no cigar

6) Who hits more HR: Soto vs. Mauer or V-mart?
Winner: Sexy Rexy (Mauer/V-Mart)
V-Mart: 20; Soto: 17; Mauer: 9

7) Over/Under 100.5 GP for Quentin
CQ played in 131 games

8) Who finishes higher: Indians or ChiSox?
WINNER: Sexy Rexy (ChiSox)
White Sox finsheed 2nd in the division; Indians finshied 4th

9) Better ERA: Danks or Masterson
WINNER: Sexy Rexy (Danks)
Danks: 3.72; Masterson: 4.73

10) Will the Indians finish bottom 2 in AL Central?
WINNER: Sexy Rexy (Yes)
Indians finished 4th

11) Napoli vs. Iannetta (BA and HR)
WINNER: Sexy Rexy (Napoli)
Napoli: .238 AVG, 26 HR; Iannetta: .201 BA, 9 HR

12) Hawpe vs. Juan Rivera
WINNER: Sexy Rexy (Rivera)
Hawpe: 1025 overall; Rivera: 415 overall

13) Lester vs. Nolasco
WINNER: Sexy Rexy (Lester)
Do you really need proof of this?

14) Over/Under 4.00 ERA for Peavy
4.63 ERA

15) Figgins SB vs. Howard HR
WINNER: DME (Figgins)
Figgins: 42 SB; Howard: 31 HR

16) Over/Under 2.5 HR for Pierre
He had one

17) Over/Under .250 BA for Andruw Jones
He had a .230 BA

18) Hughes vs. Vazquez
WINNER: DME (Hughes)
Hughes: 46th overall; Vazquez: A POS.

19) Votto or Cabrera
WINNER: Sexy Rexy (Cabrera)
Cabrera was 3rd overall among hitters; Votto was 5th

20) Is Callaspo a top 10 2B or 3B?
WINNER: Sexy Rexy (No)
28th best 2B and 3B

21) Is Bobby Jenks a top 10 RP?
Jenks wasn't even a top 75 RP

22)Josh Johnson vs. Strasburg in the second half
This bet was clearly made with the caveat of better via the player rater and while Strasburg pout up the better 4 x4 stats, he also did it with 36 less IP which severly limits his player rater status

23) Over/Under 1.30 WHIP in 2nd half for Tim Hudson
WINNER: Sexy Rexy (Under)
1.17 WHIP in the second half

24) Ubaldo vs. Liriano in the 2nd half?
WINNER: DME (Liriano)
Liriano won wins (8-4), ERA (3.31 to 3.80), and WHIP (1.245 to 1.299). Ubaldo won strike outs (101 to 84)

25) Repo Man vs. Clayton Richard in the 2nd half
WINNER: Sexy Rexy (Richard)
Richard won all four categories: Wins (8-4), ERA (4.30 to 4.85), WHIP (1.622 to 1.500) and Strikeouts (63 to 48)

Sexy Rexy vs. Cubsfan4evr


1) Derek Jeter vs. Jimmy Rollins
WINNER: Sexy Rexy (Jeter)
Jeter: 3rd among SS; Rollins: 27th

2) Geovany Soto vs. Miguel Montero
WINNER: Sexy Rexy (Soto)
Soto: 8th overall; Montero- not willing to count but not close to 8th

3) Ben Sheets vs. Ervin Santana
WINNER: Cubsfan4evr1 (Santana)
Again, not willing to count but I'm sure I lost

4) Most saves past Strausburg's debut: Capps vs. Storen/Clippard
WINNER: Sexy Rexy (Capps)
Capps: 23; Storen: 5; Clippard: 1

4) Will the White Sox make the playoffs?
WINNER: Sexy Rexy (No)

Sexy Rexy vs. The 'Bright' One

WINNER: Sexy Rexy (2-0)

1) Will Brad Lidge be a top 10 closer?
WINNER: Sexy Rexy (No)
Lidge was was 51st best RP and not a top 20 closer

2) QS for Justin Masterson on 5.19.10?
WINNER: Sexy Rexy (No)
I'll admit I won this bet in a bullshit way because Masterson went 5 IP with 2 ER (which is a lower ERA than 6 IP, 3 ER) but the exact wording of the bet that Masterson has to reach BOTH the innings pitched minimum AND the earned runs. He only met one.


Dmitry said...

just like i said on shwitter, i got 3rd place too, in the draft league so try to include me next time

David "MVP" Eckstein said...

A few points:

1) Congrats on the auction league! It was a close race today (closer than the NL Wild Card) and the decision came down to 1 Save, .01 ERA points, 2 Runs OR 1 Run. Had any of those events occurred, I'd be victorious! Blast "The Godfather" for benching Bruce/Lee and Cubsfan4ever for benching Aubrey Huff :(

2) I won the 1.20 WHIP bet on the very last day of the season thanks to Brian Wilson. He's been on my team 3 years running now and he's only earned a spot on my team in 2011!

3) Can we at least use the non-toxic toxic pencil?

David "MVP" Eckstein said...

Also, Gordon Beckham's second half is what I had predicted for his whole season :(

David "MVP" Eckstein said...

Also also Masterson beat out Danks in xFIP :)

David "MVP" Eckstein said...

Also also also,

Tabulate all of our matchups, bitch!

Sexy Rexy said...

1. My bad TBO, I just assumed you got 4th
2. Hot damn was the auction league extremely extremely close with DME and myself battling it out for like 2 weeks down the stretch. Im glad we didn't tie
3. See DME, after all your complaining about how unfair that 1.20 WHIP bet was, you STILL won it. BTW, my WHIP in the auction league: 1.18.
4. I really don't want to tabulate the other bets, it took my like an hour and a half/ the entire Bears first quarter to do this post!

Sexy Rexy said...

Sorry, I actually forgot DME we made four more 2nd half bets that I forgot to put in my original post (I changed the numbers in your new post as well).

I won the Richard v Repo Man bet and the Tim Hudon xWHIP calculator bet and you won the Ubaldo v Liriano bet.

We have a Josh Johnson v Strasburg bet that I don't know how to calculate because we judged it via the player rater not 4x4 stats and since Johnson pitched about 40 more innings than Strasburg, I don't know if that makes him the winner or not.

But if it gets too complicated I'll concede it so I'll win 15-10 as opposed to 16-9