Game Of Inches Football Results: Week Seven

Pigskin Pick 'Em

1) Sexy Rexy
Overall: 66-38
Last Week: 9-5
Clutch Games: GB over Minnesota, New York (N) over Dallas
WTF Games: N/A

2) The 'Bright' One
Overall: 64-40
Last Week: 6-8
Clutch Games: Tennessee over Philadelphia
WTF Games: Cincinnati over Atlanta

3) Cubsfan4evr1
Overall: 59-45
Last Week: 8-6
Clutch Games: Washington over Chicago (boo!)
WTF Games: N/A

Game Of Inches Fantasy Football League

- Sexy Rexy (L)(5-2): 2nd in Michelle Beadle division, 3rd overall (still #1 overall in points)
- TBO (W)(5-2): 2nd in Erin Andrews division, 4th overall (#1 points leader this week)
- Cubsfan4evr1 (L)(4-3): 3rd in Erin Andrews division, 5th overall