The Indy Injuries From A Fantasy Perspective

Friend of the blog Fantasy Pros asked many of their experts (as yes, I am considered an expert) what will happen with the Indy situation now that Dallas Clark and Austin Collie have gone down with injuries.

As expected, the other six spouted the usual "I live Pierre Garcon and want to marry him and have his kids" cliche dribble. But I took a stand! While I do have unnecessary love for Anthony Gonzalez where I want to marry him and have his kids, I predicted that Gonzalez will be Indy's best receiver behind Reggie Wayne (assuming health, which is a BIG assumption for A-Gon). While my head and the rational world says Garcon should be awesome now, my heart says it will be Gonzalez.

You can read my "full" review here. And I just want to point out, that out of EVERYONE, I am the 5th best predictor of WR fantasy talent. Just sayin'
EDITOR'S NOTE: Since the release of this post, my reviews regarding the New Orleans running back situation and the non-Wes Welker New England offense situation have also been posted