Awards Kerry Collins Can Actually Win

Kerry Collins may not be NFL MVP worthy, but there are several fictional awards that do capture his true essence. He can win the "QB of the best team through the first 12 games" award this season but thats truly not the MVP. Sexy Rexy won that award in 2006 and we all know how that turned out. espn's promotion of collins as the MVP was most likely based on the assumption that football is the ultimate team sport, hence winning is more important than individual stats. However, they convientely overlook the fact that collins isnt even the best player on the best team. The only players/coaches less valuable than him are his wide recievers. I'd give the MVP to cortland finnegan 50 times over before collins comes to mind. More fictional awards that collins can win are the "best hand-off to the running back" award or the "i'm more valuable than justine gage" award or the "i'm less suicidal than vince young" award


Sexy Rexy said...

NOTE: the sexy rexy in reference in this post is NOT the same sexy rexy blogger on this site. The "Bright" One is actually referring to the Real Rex Grossman. God I hate him so much.

Winners of the "More valuable than Justin Gage Award":

Every single player in the NFL

And honestly, I think Gus Frerotte might beat out Collins for the "Best Hand-Off To A Running Back Award"

Jeez, Collins isn't good enough to win fictional awards!

Next post we must do, why Chad Pennington deserves to be MVP because Greeney says so. Even though Brain Kenny laughed at him on air when Greeny said so... lol